Be flexible when it comes to family portriats, allow some choice in what to wear. Everyone will naturally be more confortable making for better images.

Convincing Your Family to Get Portraits Done

The secret – how to get portraits done Many families want to get portraits done but struggle to nail down a date and time everyone is free for a session. From a husband who travels to kids away at uni, there are numerous reasons to keep putting off family portraits. You don’t want the session […]


Choosing a Photographer: A Record of Time or Beautiful Portraits?

A record of time, or something more? There are a seemingly endless number of photographers advertising a wide range of services online. It’s often difficult to determine the differences between varying photographers and why they charge such different rates. Some photographers charge a cheap rate for a two-hour sitting and a large number of images […]

Why Pay For Professional Family Portraits

Why Pay for Professional Family Portraits?

Many families place a high importance on taking photos of their kids and other loved ones, but they rarely do anything with these photos. Most of the photos are digital. They sit on a hard drive without getting printed or even backed up. It’s nice to have a few photos to look at right now, […]

Portrait Photography in Spring

Portrait Photography In Spring

Portrait Photography in Spring : Using Colour to Your Advantage Outdoors As they say a picture’s worth a thousand words and will last for many, many years. We all want to look our best when that moment is captured, so figuring out how best to take advantage of the moment can create questions. Combine that with your […]

Margherita Gregory Kiss Photography iTunes Podcast

#005: How The Camera Lies To Us

Introduction: Margherita Gregory from Kiss Photography in Brisbane explains how cameras lie to us when we see photos of ourselves. When it comes to pictures of ourselves it’s a really common response for the eye to be immediately drawn to the feature of ourselves that we dislike the most. But the thing is that this perception of ourselves […]

Gift Idea: DIY Book Picture Frames

Gift Idea: DIY Book Picture Frames

DIY Book Picture Frames Many of us like a good DIY project now and again. It’s fun to do and is easy on the wallet. DIY also gives gift givers the chance to add a personal touch to almost any gift. To make DIY Book picture frames, you don’t need fancy tools or expensive materials. […]

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Portrait Photography – The Camera Lies To You

As a people photographer I’ve noticed an issue that plagues so many of us, something that I want to share with you – portrait photography camera lies. These days there are just hundreds of pictures of us all the time because everyone has a camera in their back pocket. What we find though is that we don’t […]

Portrait Photography Hesitation is something many people experience.

Portrait Photography Hesitation: Why you don’t need retouching

Capturing moments in time. That’s what portrait photography is all about. However, when it comes to getting our pictures taken, many of us tend to be reluctant to get it done. We experience portrait photography hesitation. Perhaps we feel a bit old or aren’t too happy with our weight, blemishes, acne or other conditions we may […]

Weekly Roundup-Early June 2016

Weekly Roundup-Early June 2016

Hello everyone! This week’s roundup is all about the beautiful stuff this world is made of. Enjoy the posts and images and expect a lot more in the coming weeks. 1. “There are two means of refuge from the misery of life — music and cats.” – Albert Schweitzer 2. There was never a time […]

Embracing Gap-Toothed Smiles and Braces Children’s Portrait Photography

Embracing Gap-Toothed Smiles and Braces Children’s Portrait Photography

Picture this: you have been aching to set up a professional portrait photography session, but one or more of your children just lost a baby tooth and is now sporting a gap-tooth smile. Should you wait for the adult tooth to grow in, or do you capture the cute but gapped smile? Personally, I love […]