Embracing Gap-Toothed Smiles and Braces Children’s Portrait Photography

children's portrait photography

Picture this: you have been aching to set up a professional portrait photography session, but one or more of your children just lost a baby tooth and is now sporting a gap-tooth smile. Should you wait for the adult tooth to grow in, or do you capture the cute but gapped smile? Personally, I love taking pictures of children with missing baby teeth. Doing so allows me to photograph the precious moments of childhood that will be over before you know it! I feel the same way about braces, believing that they should be included in photos because they are an integral part of your child’s life at that moment. If you are still on the fence about moving forward with your session planning, see if I can convince you:

Capturing a Sweet Smile with Missing or Gapped Teeth

Children typically loose all of their baby teeth during their primary school years, gradually replacing them with permanent teeth between the ages of about six and twelve. Because of this, you should expect at least one of their yearly school pictures to feature a partially toothless grin! This is an adorable part of childhood that reflects their sweetness and innocence. Unfortunately, this time in their life will also pass quickly. Your child’s cute, goofy, or mischievous grin deserves to be captured on film so you can look back on it in the future.

The alternative is waiting to have professional portrait photography pictures until your child’s adult tooth grows in. However, the chances are that another baby tooth may have fallen out by the time a new adult tooth appears! Plus, if your child has siblings, visits from the tooth fairy will be a regular occurrence. Instead, embrace their uneven or silly-looking grins and cherish this time in their lives.

Feeling Comfortable with Braces in Pictures

Having braces can be a touchy subject, even though they are more common than ever before. Some kids feel self-conscious, and you might think that most parents would hesitate to book a portrait photography session during this time. In reality, lots of mums have told me over the years that they do want pictures of the braces! Many mums recognize that wearing braces is an important part of a child’s life and that the resulting images will become adorable keepsakes.

When it comes to high schoolers or adults who wear braces, the best thing to do during a shoot is to relax. Smiling naturally will look much better than trying to hide the braces. Doing that often results in a tight and awkward smile, not to mention the posture that comes from feeling uncomfortable about one’s appearance. Plus, you can always get updated images once the braces are off. In the meantime, however, there is no reason not to document and cherish this time and experience.

Finally, do not worry about any possible reflections or glares from the braces themselves. I am well versed in setting up shots so that there are no unwanted glares off of braces, glasses, or jewellery. The right lighting will keep every image looking great.

Celebrate Milestones and Make Fun Memories

Whether someone in your family has braces or is missing teeth, the image will be uniquely you, at that moment. You can look back on them and remember that time in your life, along with the fun experience of the session. You can also have extra, high-quality portraits printed to send to far-away family members who may miss out on these little milestones. I offer plenty of on-location advice and guidance to help everyone feel at ease. The portrait photography session will not be overly formal or complicated, and you will not have to perform or pretend to be having fun. In fact, I welcome and encourage kids and families to giggle, play, and have fun together during a sitting.

The more comfortable your family is, the easier it will be for me to capture your unique personalities, relationships, and bonds.

In addition, booking a session will help show your child that there is no reason to be ashamed of having braces or sporting a goofy grin. After all, no one else is really concerned about these things! If you waited until everyone family members teeth were perfect, you will miss their entire childhood. We can always take some non smiling relaxed images as well. Embrace all of the traits and features that make you “you,” and encourage your children to do the same. When you are ready, talk to me about booking a session. I cannot wait until you see the resulting portraits!

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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Weekly Roundup-Beginning June 2016

kiss photography
How time flies! We are already in the mid month of the year and yet we offer more exciting posts from our Facebook page. Enjoy the month!

1. Watching television shows has always been a good past time.


2. Dance even if no one is looking!

3. Taking pictures of children with special needs do not have to be so hard.

special child

4. Find some place interesting to have your portraits taken.

5. Capture the smiles of your children before they grow up.


6. Heve you ever seen such an adorable photo?

7. Every family has a crazy member that always makes others laugh.

photographing teenagers

8. A baby is always a blessing to every family.

Making this weekly roundup is fun for me and I hope reading them is awesome for you too! I will see you again by next roundup.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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Weekly Roundup-Last Week May 2016

kiss photography

As we end the month of May, we look back to see the wonderful images and posts we have brought you. This week is another awesome collection of posts from our Facebook Page. Have a wonderful week ahead!

1. A family portrait need not be so formal.

family shoot

2. Nothing like a family photo shoot under the old tree.

photo shoot background

3. A good photographer always capture natural and wonderful smiles.

best smiles

4. Here is one photography trivia that will make you smile.


5. Which city in the world do you want to live?


6. If you are planning a beach background for your portraits then you should read this article.

photo shoot background

7. Are you afraid of heights?

things to do in australia

8. Decorate your home with framed family portraits.

kiss photography

I hope you liked the posts and images from our Facebook page. Be sure to visit us next week for more of these wonderful posts.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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4 Ways to Decorate Any Space Using Beautiful Family Portrait Photos

Decorate with Family Portrait Photos

Do you have a few framed prints scattered around your home or office?

Would you like to display more, but in a way that fits with your décor?

Or, are you afraid of things looking cluttered or overly sentimental?

Professional family portrait photos are meaningful and artistic, capable of adding both warmth and polish to any room. Plus, many fine art prints are heirlooms that deserve to be on display.

The right frame and placement will help transform your décor with a personal, artistic touch.

4 Unique Ways to Decorate With Family Portrait Photos

Here are several ideas for decorating with your prints:

1. Showcase an Oversized Print

Some images are truly works of art, the kind of pictures that deserve to be displayed beyond Facebook and Instagram. Hanging an oversized picture of your loved ones in your home is a warm, eye-catching, and extremely personal way to decorate. Choose an image that will draw attention without dominating the room, and make it the focal point. Leave enough wall space around it to avoid a cluttered look. Simple frames are usually best to avoid detracting from the image, but use your artistic license! At the same time, keep in mind that not all pictures will look just as good when enlarged. In addition to having a great composition and rich colours, images that are professionally taken will have enough pixels and focus to withstand being displayed at any size.

2. Create a Grouping of Playful Portraits

Consider a blank wall the perfect opportunity to create a unique art installation. Hanging multiple images and experimenting with different wall groupings is a great way to add visual appeal and keep a room from feeling drab. Browse Pinterest or other home decorating sites for ideas, but here are a few basics to get started. It is easy to find frames that go with a room’s existing colour palette. You could, for example, pick all the same style and colour of frames, match the colour and material but in different styles, or utilize coordinating frames or complementary colours. Choose your absolute favourites to display, and either keep other prints in a photo album or rotate out framed images seasonally.

3. Coordinate with Other Mementos

Are you afraid that your family portrait photos will stick out and look too much like they are on display? While there is no reason not to showcase your family, some rooms call for a more subtle approach to decorating. Carefully considering which prints and other mementos to display will help the images blend seamlessly into the space’s existing décor, complimenting its aesthetic. Depending on the room, you might want to exhibit some of your children’s artwork, create a shadowbox display, or even buy a new lamp or end table for the area.

4. Display Images in Kids’ Rooms

Imagine your child waking up every morning to a trio of beautiful, happy family photos. The images will remind your child of a fun day spent together and all the smiles and laughs you share on a regular basis. Hang the frames high enough that they will not be bumped into while your children are playing. Also, make sure each frame is super secure in case the wall gets knocked into or shaken. Alternatively, ask about child-safe glass and framing options to help avoid any accidents.

For a fun activity, keep your children engaged throughout every aspect of the photo shoot and decorative decisions. Let them each choose which print or prints to display in their respective rooms. Then, let them pick out the frames or even decorate them! They will be proud to make such an important decision and eager to see each image in place in their rooms.

More Than Décor: Creating Family Heirlooms

When hanging your family portrait photos, the right mat and frame will help protect the images for years to come. After all, fine art prints are heirlooms that celebrate a special moment, memory, or time in life. If you do not have any recent or professional prints, consider booking a session today. Let me help you commemorate an engagement, anniversary, birth of a child, or a new home. We can also showcase the sibling bond between your children or capture a stunning, multi-generational picture while everyone is in town.

My sessions always include a mix of formal prints and more casual, lifestyle shots. I want to capture your unique bond and personalities, creating images that you will want to look at again and again.

Contact me today to learn more about planning a session. I look forward to working with you!

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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Weekly Roundup-Late May 2016

Kiss Photography
It is always a pleasure to do the weekly roundup-late May 2016. We have posts and images from our Facebook Page that we love to share with you. Enjoy!

1. Visit our website to get to know our services.

Brisbane Photograher

2. “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
― Josh Billings

pet photography

3. When there is good weather, it is time to have a family portrait.

family portrait

4. Ever wondered how picture taking was with the 1st digital camera?


5. There are many ways to have a family portrait other than in a studio. children-photo-shoot

6. Read why family photographs are important.

love for family

7. Brisbane is a beautiful city to visit.

photo shoot

8. Every family member is important during photo shoots.


Now that was fun! The only way I can describe the images is that they are all “awesome”. See you next week.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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6 of the Best Family Photo Shoot Locations in Brisbane

family photo shoot in Brisbane

Although newborns are best photographed at home, I love planning outdoor family photo shoots. Here are 6 of the best family photo shoot locations in Brisbane!

Unlike images taken in a studio setting, which can make people feel stiff or unnatural, outdoor locations allow you and your little ones to completely relax and enjoy your surroundings.

There is a great range of locations in the area, but here are six of my top suggestions:

  1. Boondall Wetlands

The Boondall Wetlands are on the Moreton Bay, near Nudgee Beach. The area has a huge diversity of plants and wildlife, providing stunning scenery and backdrops. Much of the area is not wet or marshy as the name may suggest, although I recommend wearing comfortable clothing and shoes! A few features include the clusters of tall, skinny trees and the various dirt paths and wooden walkways throughout the area.

  1. Beachfronts and Scenic Points

There are so many beautiful beachfronts and points that it would be nearly impossible to list them all! Nudgee Beach, Wellington Point, Victoria Point, and Southport Spit on the Gold Coast all have waterside views and wooded areas. The possibilities for shots are endless, from nestling amongst the trees and walking along paths to playing in the sand or running on the beach. Let me know if you have your heart set on a waterfront location, as I can advise you about which place is right for the time of day, time of year, and your group’s needs and wishes.

  1. Cleveland Point

Another specific waterside location worth highlighting, however, is Cleveland Point. It is about 30 minutes outside of Brisbane City and part of the bayside area. In addition to the coastal features you would expect to find, Cleveland Point has many other features. There are walking trails, trees out in the water, old wooden jetties, and the Cleveland Lighthouse. There is also a small playground for kids to enjoy as we set up formal portraits or capture a few candid ones. I often like to let children take the lead, snapping images here and there as they laugh and play.

  1. Mount Coot-tha for a Family Photo Shoot

Mt Coot-tha is well known for its incredible lookout, but there are many places in this area that are perfect for portrait sessions. In addition to hiking trails and lightly wooded areas, the nearby Brisbane Botanical Gardens are perfect for capturing outdoor images. There are also many picnic areas if you want to make a day of your session! Bringing along a lunch and taking the entire day off to spend together will help make your session even more fun and memorable.

  1. New Farm Park

New Farm Park boasts gorgeous river views, well-kept gardens, and some extremely magnificent old trees. There is also a children’s park where your little ones can run and play freely on the dragon- and castle-themed equipment. Big shade trees have helped produce some of my most stunning images, but there are also plenty of open spaces to serve as blank canvases. New Farm Park is a popular area, but I can help you find semi-secluded spots at the right time of day to get great shots.

  1. Jindalee River Rocks Park

As you probably know, this is Brisbane’s biggest riverfront park. The park offers a unique blend of open, natural spaces and industrial touches. The river is on one side, with large cement structures and industrial artifacts on the other. This space is perfect for capturing candid shots of children, as the playground is extensive. There are bike paths, sandpits, climbing nets, and more. As a bonus, the park has wheelchair-accessible bathrooms and many paths that are flat and wide for wheelchairs or strollers. Finally, there is a community garden and a water play area, offering tons of options for candid and posed portraits. Although the River Rocks Park is very popular during the weekends, it is often much less crowded during the week and could be a perfect setting for a session.

Want to Know My Secret Locations?

Every photographer has a few tricks up his or her sleeve! I know of many other locations in the area that would be ideal for a family photo shoot. If you have a place in mind for your session, let me know so I can scope it out and also see if any permits are required. Your background could be anything, including the beach, giant old trees, city architecture, or a large, open field. Contact me today and I will work with you to determine the right time, location, and poses to make your shoot a success.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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Weekly Roundup-Mid May 2016

kiss photograpky
We had such a wonderful week and we continue to do so. There are many wonderful things in this world to be thankful and this weekly roundup-mid May 2016 is a tribute to honor the awesome time and people in out lives.

1. Never too late to say “Thank You” to our mums.


2. “Children are the keys to paradise.” – Eric Hoffer


3. A professional photographer captures the essence of a person in a portrait.

gilmour kids

4. Little girls look good in pink backgrounds.

pretty in pink

5. An unusual picture taken by a very unique photographer.

6. Multi-generation photos is a treasure to keep.

family portraits

7. Comments from our clients make us do better in our work.


8. What a good way to celebrate Mother’s Day than with gorgeous people.


So there you have it, out roundup for this week from our Facebook Page. Have a good week ahead and I will see you again next week.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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1 5 Reasons to Have Multi-Generation Family Portrait Images Taken

family portrait images

Following up with my recent Mother’s Day post, I wanted to make sure that you remember the grandmothers, too! Family portrait images that include multiple generations are particularly memorable and will be cherished for years to come. Whether it is your parent’s anniversary, you are celebrating a birthday milestone, or everyone is simply in town at the same time, here are five reasons to book a session: 

  1. Get a Classic, Yet Professional, Group Shot

Anytime that your extended family is in town, it is worth taking a group picture together. This is especially important for those with family who live far away or are seldom able to visit. Cherish the time you have together, and celebrate it with a group image. The benefits of booking a professional photo session to get your shots are many, including that you will not have to worry about how to gather, manage, and pose everyone. Plus, isn’t it time you stop crowding together at a casual holiday event for a quick snapshot and considering that good enough? I have plenty of success getting large groups to cooperate, no matter their range of ages and personalities. It is easy to print multiple copies of your favourite images to share with family members. 

  1. Quickly Compare Those Shared Traits

Do all the men in the family have the same broad shoulders? Is there a certain eye colour or nose shape that has been passed down through the generations? Do all the sisters share the same mega-kilowatt smile? Lining up multiple generations all at once allows you to see the physical traits that identify your family. I may even capture a few candid shared gestures and expressions! This is a fun way to make comparisons and celebrate your family’s uniqueness.

  1. Celebrate All Aspects of Your Family’s Bond

In addition to a taking a large group shot, we can also break down your session into capturing smaller groups to round out your family portrait images. How about a shot of the adult children with their parents, or of the grandparents surrounded by their grandchildren? Alternatively, gather all of the females together for a powerful portrait, or separate siblings and their families for individual group shots with the grandparents. A cute shot of all of the cousins playing together is a sure winner, too. The combinations of portraits must be well planned, which is where I come in. I will take all of your requests and add in few of my own to plan the perfect session for your group. 

  1. Everyone Will Look and Feel Their Best

Professional photo sessions are designed to help bring out the best in everyone, even those who might have never pictured themselves as the model type. Location, lighting, angles, lenses, and composition all contribute to taking a great shot, but the way everyone feels on set is the most important aspect. If you are comfortable, relaxed, and enjoying yourself, my chances of getting a great picture are much higher. I make an effort to get to know each person on location with me, so that I can quickly identify how individuals may react in front of the camera and adjust accordingly. Many grandparents, in particular, feel they are no longer beautiful and do not need to have “fancy pictures” taken. In reality, there is so much beauty in the smile of a grandparent looking at his or her children and grandchildren. Plus, children do not see age the same way we do. They love us for who we are, not matter our age, and will simply have fun with a shared experience. Finally, the resulting images will be ones worth keeping and passing down.

  1. The Session Itself is Memorable

One of the best ways to feel relaxed on set is to see it as a fun family outing, not a stressful, stiff photography session. Focus on having fun on the shoot and making memories together. Let me capture formal family portrait images as well as the candid, lifestyle moments in between.

No one wants to think about it, but our oldest generations will not be around forever. Take the time now to capture precious moments between your mother and your daughter, or to capture the big group shot you have always wanted. Contact me today to learn more about booking a session. I will work with you to determine the right time, location, and groupings to make your shoot a success.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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Weekly Roundup-First Week May 2016

kiss photography
I love the month of May especially that we celebrate Mother’s Day. This roundup is dedicated to all mothers who are the sweetest persons in the world. Enjoy the posts and images from our Facebook page.

1. Wondering what to give Mum this Mother’s Day? Call us.

2. A sunset is always great photography subject.

sunset image

3. Always include mum in your portraits.

4. The world needs grand mums because children cannot spoil themselves.

5. A mother is the light of every family.

mother and child

6. A client testimonial that made us smile!
kiss photography

7. There will always be a special bond between mother and child.

portrait with mum

8. “God could not be everywhere,and therefore He made mothers.” – Rudyard Kipling

happy mum

What awesome posts! Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and mother-to-be! Come back next week for more images and posts that would make you smile.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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In Honour of the Mums Left Out of Candid Family Portraits

mother's day

Have you ever noticed that mums seem to be the ones left out of most candid family portraits? Whether everyone is gathered for a holiday, birthday celebration, or another event, it is important to make sure that a few of those quick snapshots include mum, too! This post also serves as a reminder that Mother’s Day is just around the corner, on 8 May, and organising a photo shoot is the perfect gift. Keep scrolling to learn more about booking a photo session to celebrate your mum or wife.

Bring Everyone Together

There are many different ways to describe a family. Perhaps it is just the two of you, or the two of you and your beloved pet. Do you have one or two small children or several grown children and your grandchildren? Do you have parents or extended relatives coming in town to visit soon? Photo shoots are a great way to gather everyone together and celebrate your unique bond. Sessions are casual, fun, and extremely memorable, making them an activity everyone will enjoy. Plus, bringing all the children or siblings together is a great way to show your mum how much you care about one another and demonstrate your appreciation for her.

Let Me Take the Lead

Mums tend to have multiple to-do lists and often have to organise events for everyone else. Booking a photo session with me means letting her take it easy for the day. She does not need to organise the shots or worry about poses, because you can leave everything to me. I can coax great smiles out of everyone, even the shyest or most unwilling of participants. I will also coordinate with you directly about time, location, and even outfit suggestions if you want. Putting a bit of an effort into organising a session on her behalf will go a long way toward showing her how you care!

Candid Family Portraits: Types of Shots

By now, you may be imagining your children or siblings all gathered on the beach, either running about or nervously waiting for instruction. The goal is to relax and enjoy, so trust that I will get a great combination of shots. Let me know if there are specific shots you would like, such as a big group shot, a picture of mum with each child individually, or a shot of her and her spouse or partner. I love capturing spontaneous smiles and interactions as well as planned, beautifully composed lifestyle portraits.

Ask for Framing Assistance

Although the session itself will be a blast, half of the fun is seeing the resulting images. I can help you choose prints, and even offer advice about matting and framing. There are many different ways to gift and display your favourite images, including:

  • A trio of prints
  • Different images and frames for home and work
  • Multiple sets of images so everyone gets them
  • Different sets of prints for two or more rooms, complete with coordinating frames

In addition to adding to your home’s beautiful décor, mats and frames will help protect your precious images over time.

Why Go Professional?

Let’s say you suggested the idea of booking a photo shoot to one of your siblings, who quickly shot it down. After all, couldn’t you set up your iPhone on a stand with a timer and gather for a group shot? In reality, the difference between an at-home and a professional photo shoot is astounding. The right equipment and understanding of balance, lighting, composition, and editing makes all the difference in creating stunning images you will want to display.

It is also an investment of time that will richly pay off, as you will spend quality time with your mum and have much more to show for it than a few blurry or off-centre images. The resulting prints from a professional photo session will be cherished for years to come, and looking back on them will only remind you of the fun time you spend together.

Give a Gift Mum Will Love

My photo sessions include a mix of formal and candid family portraits, capturing your connection, relationships, and bond. I can guide you through every step of the process, from choosing a location and the best time of day to suggesting clothing choices and framing options. We may not be able to schedule your shoot before Mother’s Day this year, but you can give your mum a gift certificate and talk to her about possible session dates! Contact me today to learn more.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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