Weekly Roundup-Beginning June 2016

kiss photography
How time flies! We are already in the mid month of the year and yet we offer more exciting posts from our Facebook page. Enjoy the month!

1. Watching television shows has always been a good past time.


2. Dance even if no one is looking!

3. Taking pictures of children with special needs do not have to be so hard.

special child

4. Find some place interesting to have your portraits taken.

5. Capture the smiles of your children before they grow up.


6. Heve you ever seen such an adorable photo?

7. Every family has a crazy member that always makes others laugh.

photographing teenagers

8. A baby is always a blessing to every family.

Making this weekly roundup is fun for me and I hope reading them is awesome for you too! I will see you again by next roundup.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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