Weekly Roundup-Mid May 2016

kiss photograpky
We had such a wonderful week and we continue to do so. There are many wonderful things in this world to be thankful and this weekly roundup-mid May 2016 is a tribute to honor the awesome time and people in out lives.

1. Never too late to say “Thank You” to our mums.


2. “Children are the keys to paradise.” – Eric Hoffer


3. A professional photographer captures the essence of a person in a portrait.

gilmour kids

4. Little girls look good in pink backgrounds.

pretty in pink

5. An unusual picture taken by a very unique photographer.

6. Multi-generation photos is a treasure to keep.

family portraits

7. Comments from our clients make us do better in our work.


8. What a good way to celebrate Mother’s Day than with gorgeous people.


So there you have it, out roundup for this week from our Facebook Page. Have a good week ahead and I will see you again next week.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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