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Be flexible when it comes to family portriats, allow some choice in what to wear. Everyone will naturally be more confortable making for better images.

Convincing Your Family to Get Portraits Done

The secret – how to get portraits done Many families want to get portraits done but struggle to nail down a date and time everyone is free for a session. From a husband who travels to kids away at uni, there are numerous reasons to keep putting off family portraits. You don’t want the session […]


Choosing a Photographer: A Record of Time or Beautiful Portraits?

A record of time, or something more? There are a seemingly endless number of photographers advertising a wide range of services online. It’s often difficult to determine the differences between varying photographers and why they charge such different rates. Some photographers charge a cheap rate for a two-hour sitting and a large number of images […]

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5 Reasons to Have Multi-Generation Family Portrait Images Taken

Following up with my recent Mother’s Day post, I wanted to make sure that you remember the grandmothers, too! Family portrait images that include multiple generations are particularly memorable and will be cherished for years to come. Whether it is your parent’s anniversary, you are celebrating a birthday milestone, or everyone is simply in town […]

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In Honour of the Mums Left Out of Candid Family Portraits

Have you ever noticed that mums seem to be the ones left out of most candid family portraits? Whether everyone is gathered for a holiday, birthday celebration, or another event, it is important to make sure that a few of those quick snapshots include mum, too! This post also serves as a reminder that Mother’s […]

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Family Portraits with Older Children

As much as I love photographing newborns and small children, there is something about the bond between older siblings and their parents that really catches my eye. I love capturing special moments between family members who have grown up together and shared so much. Whether you are a parent with older kids or an adult […]

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Photographing Children: A Few Essential Tips on Working with Kids

It seems like everyone posts, emails, or otherwise shares photos online these days. However, how many of those photos are somewhat blurry, were taken in low lighting, or were heavily edited using various phone applications? Although many parents can capture great candid snapshots of their kids, there are many benefits to booking a professional photography […]

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4 Family Photo Session Poses That Showcase the Sibling Bond

Photographing children is always a highlight for me, especially when I can focus on capturing the relationships between different family members. Your family photo session can include a myriad of poses and images, including group shots and something that can be difficult to capture on film: the sibling bond. It is easy to snap shots […]

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3 Ways to Help Capture Your Newborn’s Personality in Photos

Whether you are weeks away from delivery or have just welcomed your new little one into the world, the next few months may be a bit of a blur. Between busy days and long nights, you may want a few professional photographs to help you remember the incomparable experience of having a newborn in the […]


No Homecoming Is Complete Without Family Reunion Photos

It is that time of the year when family comes from all over the world to be together and celebrate. As you gather family from near and far, it is important to focus on being with your loved ones and rejoicing in the love and gratitude that homecomings inspire. During all of the fun it […]


How to Make Your Christmas Cards Stand Out This Year

It is hard to believe it, but Christmas is already around the corner. Starbucks red cups are out and department stores have decked the halls. This can only mean one thing… it’s time to think about Christmas cards. If the mention of Christmas cards causes you to break out in a cold sweat, don’t worry. […]