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family portraits

The Importance of Preserving Family Portrait Images for Anzac Day

25 April marks Anzac Day, a day we recognise and remember all those who have served on behalf of Australia and New Zealand. This day can help bring us together to learn about family history, dig through old photographs, and commemorate loved ones. It is critical to properly care for, store, and display historic family […]

kiss photorgraphy

Weekly Roundup-Late April 2016

Hello everyone! Another weekly roundup-late April 2016 to brighten you day. Enjoy these eye-candies and smile! 1. The day is complete with this gorgeous couple and their awesome smile! 2. The beach is a fantastic background for any portrait photography. 3. Kiss Photography‘s tips how to get the little ones interested to get their portraits […]

getting young children photos

Portrait Photography: Getting Young Children to Cooperate

Photo shoots involving children can be a challenge, whether the little ones are extremely active, camera-shy, or have a very short attention span. Thankfully, there are many ways to help make your portrait photography session a success. Keep scrolling to learn more: Choose the Right Timing A word to the wise: please, never book a […]

kiss photography

Weekly Roundup-Mid April 2016

Hello! Here we are again for our Weekly Roundup-Mid April 2016. We got some exciting posts and images for you to enjoy! 1. “To a father growing old is nothing dearer than a daughter” – Euripides. 2. Here is a photography trivia for today. 3. Children are best photographed in a natural and fun environment. […]

Weekly Roundup-First Week April 2016

Weekly Roundup-First Week April 2016

We start the month of April, 2016, with wonderful images and post from our Facebook Page. Enjoy everyone! 1. Now is the perfect time to get those family portraits. 2. Be sure to include your grandparents when planning for a family photo shoot. 3. Include your pets in your photo shoots. 4. Here is a […]

Where to hang your family photos

Where to Hang Your Family Portrait Photos

Hanging framed photographs can liven up boring walls, personalise your space, and keep fun memories close at hand. However, not all walls and rooms are created equally. Your family portrait photos may begin to deteriorate if they experience too many extremes and variations in light, humidity, and heat. Here are several tips for hanging your […]

4 tips for your upcoming photo sessions

Did You Eat Too Many Easter Sweets? 4 Tips for Your Upcoming Photo Session

If you are like me, you may have nibbled on a few too many chocolate treats last weekend and in the days leading up to Easter. The only thing that makes this overindulgence worse is the knowledge of an upcoming photo shoot and the insecurities that may come with it. However, don’t despair! There is […]

kiss photography

Weekly Roundup-End March 2016

How time flies! We are now at the end of the first quarter of the year. As we continue, we hope you enjoy the weekly roundup of posts and images from our Facebook page. 1. Ever wonder where the first colour photograph was taken? 2. It was a great day when the two became man […]

newborn portraits

Guidelines for Choosing Newborn Photography Props

Infant portraits sessions typically occur in the first few months of birth, when the baby will sweetly sleep no matter his or her surroundings, outfit, or pose. Although there are many different toys, blankets, and other objects that you could include in the shoot, it is better to start simply. After all, you want all of […]

kiss photography

Weekly Roundup-Late March 2016

Hello everyone! We have images and posts from our Facebook page that would surely make your day. Here is a hodge-podge of awesome posts… 1. If I were to choose a career all over again I would still be a photographer. 2. Isn’t he an adorable little one? 3. If you are thinking of a […]