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Margherita – custodian of family photo memories

Margherita Gregory – Family Photographer Brisbane

As a portrait photographer in Brisbane I really get to share in a bunch of great family time.

There’s lots of moments in life where a family portrait will capture really great memories for you. Imagine when you’re little old granny or granddad looking back and looking back at all the special moments.. when the baby was little, when the toddlers would be walking, the teenagers growing up and leaving home and becoming independent. Then in what seems like a moment you are celebrating their weddings and they return with their own children.

Of course it’s important not to forget YOU in all this – too many people disregard having portraits of themselves. But they’re not actually for you.. They’re for your children and your grandchildren.. they’ll always treasure great images of you. It’s vital and something I know you’ll never regret having done.

What is your family’s situation? Are you organising a family reunion or you might be living overseas and are all traveling into Brisbane at the same time and want to make the most of this special time together. Or maybe you have a toddler and now have a new baby arriving as well? It might be time to catch the teenagers before they finish school and move away to study?

Margherita’s photo story

Margherita Gregory's precious family photo

Margherita’s Mum, 19 Years old in Rome.

Being the photographer in my big Italian extended family, I’m always given lots of old portraits to I scan and look after. I was recently looking through a box of old portraits of my Dad as a child and my Mum as a teenager and found them to be totally captivating. I just can’t stop looking at them. These humble little prints are so special and I now view them as the custodians of our family memories.

I’m always asked by my family members to organise prints for them of these images. However often when I try to organise taking some family pictures people are not so enthusiastic and tend to drag their feet. Years ago I used to insist they let me take their portraits and ironically now these same images are totally precious to everyone they all want reprints of them!

This story particularly relates to my Dad who hates – used to hate ;) having his picture taken and whinged and complained every time I got the camera out. Just recently he asked me to reproduce some beautiful portraits of his parents. My dad is turning 70 this year and I teased him about how I used to have to insist to take his picture, but now he wants to be surrounded by all these old portraits. He finally ‘gets’ it ;)

Margherita Gregory's father

Margherita’s Dad loves family portraits now :)

When I’m with families that I photograph they regularly bring out the old portraits that are so important to them. They lovingly walk me through each of the pictures, the ones of their grandparents and their parents and recount the little stories about where they came from, and what everyone looks like and how precious these images are for them. In the future the portraits we create together will be just the same.

Here’s 2 of the oldies but goodies of my family that I totally cherish.

As a mum I don’t always feel quite as slim or young as I’d like, or I’m not feeling particularly photogenic. But I realise that I have to put this behind me (regardless of my imaginings) as it’s vital that our collective love be captured today. In my experience these portraits will be absolutely priceless to my kids and theirs.

For the Mums be sure to check out my “Every Woman Natural-Beauty Posing Guide”.

You can look great regardless and there’s a bunch of neat little tricks I have for capturing you at your best.

Portraits don’t have to be a scary thing. Together we’ll make them fun, easy and quick.. and with the right posing and the right lighting and the right clothing you are going to look stunning – I promise! :)

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