Client Feedback

Client Feedback

Browsing through this collection of feedback below

.. it’s occurred to me that whilst families are individual their needs are very much the same. They all have busy lives with lots to do so need a fast and efficient system to make renewing their family portraits easy and smooth.

The mobile studio and in home image selection service

.. we offer is very popular and receives a lot of positive feedback. Meeting outdoors in natural locations makes everyone feel relaxed. Having a fast 15 – 20 minute sitting surprises everyone. So without feeling rushed or pushed at all, everyone has been captured at their best most natural and happy state and are set free. No torture I promise :)

After a short while, the images are edited and ready for your viewing and ordering session. The kids can be fed and put to bed and just the parents can select their favourite images which capture their family and kids at this stage in their lives.

It’s fun to read about the surprise from so many fathers

.. about actually enjoying themselves. With years of experience I’ll be able to make it painless for everyone.. so that you don’t get gripes from disgruntled family members who vow “never to do that again” :)  Whilst thanking me I receive lots of great feedback from men (and even teenagers!) who tell me they “actually had fun” – that’s really rewarding :)

“A fantastic, friendly, honest experience. Thank you!”

Lewis Family Photo Shoot

“Helped bring my husband out of his shell”

Smith Portraits

“Never done it before, too scary I thought but not! It was fun and easy.”

Castro-Lobez Portraits

“Very patient, excellent communication, will recommend you to everyone”

Joyce photographs

“Easy going, especially with two small children”

McClusky Portraits

“…She even managed to get a smile from our very-cool 16 year old son!”

Coren photo sessions

“Margherita had the 4 of us feeling completely at ease”

warrick family portraits

“Very comfortable for a family not familiar with photography!”

Spain family portraits

“We’re so happy we finally took the time to have these beautiful photos taken”

Theodore photographs

“Fun, easy, quick…”

Twaddell photo shoots

“Margherita has a gift for making family photos easy”

Ferrier professional photo sessions

“A top professional in all aspects – artistic photography in a calm relaxed atmosphere”

Daubney portrait sessions

“After putting this off for too long, it has been wonderful to finally get some beautiful photographs of our family”

George family portraits

“Surprisingly painless, a long overdue experience”

Danby photographs

“It was lovely to meet up with Margherita and share her enthusiasm”

Bougoure portraits

“We were enthralled at the way Margherita ‘represented’ us. She has such a gift for capturing the ‘essence’ of personality.

Leighton family portraits

“Margherita is a real artist”

Ransom photo sessions

“Lots of fun & easy going”

Woodward photography sessions

“Managed to find natural poses of us all”

Carson portraits

“Fantastic experience, Margherita you are so wonderful to work with! THANK YOU”

Applin portraits

“Great photos”

Walker portrait sessions

“Margherita you were fantastic to work with, so professional & yet so relaxed during the shoot. We are thrilled with the photos”

Tanby family portraits

“Very professional and skillfully done”

Stone family portaits

“So much fun to have portraits taken after a long, long time.”

Smith photo sessions

“Terrific fun and very professional service”

Sakellariou photographs


McSweeny portraits

“It was a great experience”

Lallien photographs

“Lovely setting”

George portraits

“Well worth it”

Ellett family photos

“We had a wonderful time capturing ‘lifelong’ memories”

Druery photo shoots

“You photographs reflected the real us”

Cranitch family portraits

“Beautiful photos for us to enjoy for years to come”

Conner family photographs

“Great selection of professionally taken photos but with a relaxed happy feel”

Chapman family photo shoot

“Relaxed and professional”

Taylor portraits

“Happy and wonderful experience”

DeInnocentes portraits

“Lovely, fun and enjoyable experience”

Boyle family portraits

“A very relaxed and happy experience”

Farmer photo sessions

“A lovely relaxed experience due to Margherita’s nature”

Palmer portraits

“…it was a very enjoyable experience that clearly came through in the photos…”

Vasta family photographs

“worth the money”

Migotto photos

“memories captured forever”

Horsenell family portraits

“…our beautiful children…”

Cardwell photo sessions

“cannot stop admiring them…”

Anderson photo shoots

“Wonderful ! Friendly, Professional…”

Anast family portraits

“very easy and a fun experience”

Dickenson portraits

“was a calming influence on our whole family…”

Gray family pictures

“makes a wonderful record for long term enjoyment”

Cullinan family pictures

“Margherita was able to tune in perfectly with what our family wanted”

Inglis family pictures

“Relaxed experience, Margherita was very experienced and professional”

Callaghan family portraits


Maguire family portraits

“It was a lovely relaxing experience. It was so exciting to think that we were creating beautiful and lasting memories of our family”

arandse portraits

“Enjoyable experience which we should have done sooner”

Lines family portraits

“This is something our families will have for years”

Camond pictures

“Brilliant, captured the moment and my family exactly as it was”

Boyle family portraits

“Margherita’s delightful personality and professional experience really gives the most wonderful experience and memorable photographs”

cooper family photo shoots

“Your genuine style and personality brings out the best in people”

Goulter portraits

“…the kid’s were not in the best mood…”

Sprague family photos

“Family Treasures”

Freer portraits

“Relaxed, easy, comfortable and fun”

Symons portraits

“Very enjoyable”

White family photographs

“A great family activity for photo shoot & Amazing Photos!”

Van-Twest family photos

“A most enjoyable and fun experience”

Starosta photo shoots

“We enjoyed the relaxed way Margherita worked on the day”

Sneeleksz family portraits

“we had such a lovely day…”

sloman family portraits

“Fun, relaxed and joyful”

Sinclair family photos

“Wonderful experience, very very happy with the photos”

shah portraits

“Beautiful photographs”

Schabe photo shoots

“Came back for more…”

Ross family photos

“Lovely photos”

reuter family portraits

“Organized and very professional”

raleigh photo shoots

“Our photos are beautiful, what a great experience”

Raftery photo sessions

“Fun and relaxed”

Pradella portraits

“Enjoyable and easy with wonderful results”

Pinkerton family photographs

“Great, very happy”

Peacock photographs

“We definitely recommend Margherita”

Ng family portraits

“Everyone had fun on the shoot, the photos are beautiful”

Mulchahy family photos

“Great pictures that we will cherish forever”

Montagnino family photographs

“Absolutely stunning, love them!”

Moneger photo shoots

“Fun bonding time”

Millwood family photos

“I don’t enjoy having my picture taken, but this was different”

McPhee portraits

“you made us feel comfortable”

McNeill family portraits

“A wonderful chapter in the story of us”

McNabb photos

“Captured us naturally “

McDonald photographs

“Margherita is so engaging and easy-going, professional from the get-go”

Maher family photos

“Informal and relaxing, professional approach “

Mahe photos

“Friendly, warm and encouraging”

Lynn photographs

“beautiful, beautiful, beautiful”

Lobwein photo sessions


Lobwein photographs

“We are so happy with the result”

Lang family portraits

“A happy get together”

Kenny family photos

“You only get to do this once once”

Joyce family photo sessions

“Very easy and relaxed”

Jones photographs

“The whole family warmed to the day”

Hunter family portraits

“Margherita is warm, friendly and flexible”

Hopton family photos

“I was worried for nothing!”

Holley family portraits

“Got the most out of the kids”

Henderson photographs

“after the photo session, we made a day of it”

Hasted family photos

“just a beautiful time”

Fusareli photos

“Beautiful photography”

Freer family sessions

“great relaxed family photos…”

Flint photographs


Dunnett family photography

“thank you very much…”

Dobbyn family photography

“Very friendly”

Delport family photos

“Absolutely fabulous photos”

Dearna family portraits

“The whole process was enjoyable”

Cobb family portraits

“fantastic photographs”

Case family portraits

“A fun experience, very laid back and easy”

Caine family photos

“Delightful experience, lots of fun, so glad we did it”

Buckley family photos

“An awesome experience for the family”

Brabrook family photos

“It was a lot of fun”

Box family photos

“Margherita was amazing with the photography”

Bain family photography

“Very helpful”

Bailey family photos

“it was worth it”

Auld family photo sessions

“Margherita, you made our experience simple and great fun – and the results are wonderful!”

Adams family portraits

“It was a pleasant experience being photographed with our family”

Sharma family portraits

“Thank you for the memories, we love you x”

Young family photo sessions