Family Photography Brisbane

Family Photography Brisbane

Thank you so much to everyone for your comments below. Your responses and feedback are a really great help for other families who aren’t quite sure what to expect.

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I hope you enjoyed looking through the gallery at some of the lovely families I’ve captured recently. People tell me what they notice is that everyone looks really relaxed, comfortable, and genuinely happy. It’s rewarding to hear this as it’s really my mission to create portraits that make you smile – great memories for your family both on the day and into the future is my ultimate goal.

Some of these families felt they weren’t going to look good, and mums feel uncomfortable, and some dad’s think it’s going to be awkward but it doesn’t have to be that way. I want you to come along and not think about posing or being uncomfortable, no fake grinning.. just come along and play with the kids and relax and have fun and I’ll make it easy and simple for you, and we’ll capture precious memories of your family that you love forever.

It’s about just being yourself and enjoying time in a park or a natural location. But really the location is the second consideration, it’s mainly about coming along with your family turning it into a fun time out together. One really important preparation is making sure no one is hungry or thirsty or rushing beforehand. Then you can ease into play / relax time, and enjoy just being yourselves.

Usually within 20 minutes or so I can capture the magic. I’ll help you with what to wear and where to go and will help you get an idea of what you would like to end up with. Keep in mind that these portraits will be around forever and they’ll become your gorgeous family heirlooms, today preserved forever :)

This brings me to something that is a bit difficult to talk about. Having met so many families over the years, sadly from time to time I hear back that they have lost loved ones. And even more tragically it’s not always confined to the older family members, sometimes they loose babies, little children, teenagers, mums and dads. They face difficult times, and in my experience the portrait memories we have created together become all the more precious. I often get calls from families who share their sad news with me, and they tell me how precious the photographs are and that they’ll treasure them forever. I’m very appreciative that I can contribute in a small way, and I’m thankful for the opportunity.

Imagine yourself in 20 years time looking back at these precious memories of today. We don’t always have time to stop to take stock that everyone is growing up so quickly. So capture the moment now as even in just a few short months you’ll notice a difference in your family.

We can capture a variety of images like these for families, there’s probably about five specific images that everyone likes. Every family looks different but generally the images most families like to end up with are the whole family, the parents, an image of the kids together and a beautiful picture of each child.

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