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It’s time to plan to capture some beautiful images of your newborn baby. Even though it can be a time of unsettled routines, patchy sleep and new schedules I promise you it can also be super-easy.

These days will pass by really quickly so we’ll try to plan ahead and make sure you can capture some mementos from this delightful period. When you look back in a couple of years you’ll be really glad you managed to do it.

It doesn’t take long

With small bubs its all about timing. It’s usually best to allow about an hour or 2. Babies have different routines, some fall into a routine quickly, others are a little more scritchely (yes that is a made-up word ;) )  That’s ok, with babies there’s no rush, you work in with baby (or babies!) time.

It’s fun

Please be reassured that beautiful images of your baby are possible even if you aren’t sure what your baby will be doing, or your situation is a tad difficult. Having had experience, your photographer will know that it takes time and can be unpredictable.

With 15 years of new born photography experience I have honed a special process that makes it easy to ensure great images with minimal time and fuss. It’s a fun time together.

The different styles

When it comes to the style of baby photography it tends to fall into 2 styles; close-up indoor images or natural outdoor portraits. The newborns are mainly indoors and the older babies can be photographed exploring the natural outdoors.

If you have other children, being outdoors will keep them entertained and you can still get close up portraits of Bub outside. For example I love creating images of gorgeous old trees hugging your baby, it enhances the very special emotion that’s prevalent around this time in your lives.

Choosing a time

Most babies are flexible so choose a time when you feel freshest. Mornings are usually perfect. Warm the room if you are having indoor portraits taken at home. For outdoor images in natural environments there will be a little scheduling needed to align the best time for your baby along with the best time for the location.

Clothing and props

Choose your clothing well. Most baby clothes are loud and colourful, however this can be a distraction. Soft plain clothes will enhance your baby’s face without drawing unnecessary attention. And if you are also taking the opportunity to capture the rest of the family in these images then it’s best to go with similar plain colours for the whole family.

Special toys or blankets are a great idea as props as these will be precious keepsakes for your baby and for the special gift giver, especially if they took the time to knit or crochet your baby something unique. Its also fun as a size reference ‘remember when teddy was bigger than you’. A prized teddy bear will be immortalized forever in your portraits.

Mementos for life

Babies change quickly from when they are newborn and these early days are very precious but will blur by so fast. It’s been fun for me to photograph the next generation of kids once they grow up and have their own kids. Everyone loves to see if their baby looked like them, or their parents or grandparents etc.

Twins and Triplets

Twins and triplets are a special treat to photograph and with the right timing and patience amazing portraits can be captured.

The joy of growing up

As your toddler grows and changes its fun to capture the milestones. The first smiles, sitting up, crawling, first steps, etc.

Our children really are a pleasure and a privilege and I really have it bad, I just love photographing them all :)

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