Our Guarantee

Margherita’s 100% ALL SMILES™ Guarantee100% Satisfaction Guarantee

My guarantee for you – Naturally all my work is backed by a 110% satisfaction guarantee. As I’m totally dedicated to family portraits I’m proud to say that it’s rare that I don’t get a great shot of everyone, but if for any reason you’re not totally enthralled with your images, not only can we reshoot but I’d also love to make it up to you with a romantic meal (with your special person) at one of my favourite restaurants  – the fabulous ‘Alchemy Restaurant & Bar’ on the river in Brisbane.

Alchemy Resturant and Bar

[hr]… It can be quite daunting thinking about having family portraits taken and a lot us don’t like what we look like right at this point (and we have only ever seen terrible snapshots of ourselves) so it’s hard to imagine ourselves looking wonderful in a portrait – but never fear, after many years of honing her skills Margarita has worked out how to get gorgeous-natural-genuine smiles from everyone in your family.

Kiss Photography 100% ALL SMILES GUARANTEE

This is how Margarita is able to confidently offer her 100% All Smiles™ guarantee.

Sometime you can experience a bit of a dilemma, you really know you want to organise some great photos of your family, but you may also have reluctant teenagers, or fathers and men that don’t like to have their picture taken and imagine a stuffy indoor studio. Often the ladies (just quietly) don’t feel as young and slim as they used to so there’s a bit of reluctance there as well.

Margherita knows just how you feel. She has the secret key on how to make mums look thinner and taller and younger if they wish ;) and how to get dads having fun, and how to make it interesting so that the 17 olds are on board. Your portrait sitting will be quick easy and fun.. everyone will stay interested and everyone will look gorgeous – with this formula you’re guaranteed to love them :)