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Margherita Gregory Portrait PhotographerMy goal is to help you discover everything possible about how to get the best portraits for your family. Whether you’re organising a family reunion photo session or you’re just looking to get some great memories for your family. Please see the (clickable) sections belowtalk soon, Margherita : )

“Margherita’s natural, fun, (and when necessary) cheeky personality instantly relaxes even the most anxious family members and it’s with this special ability that she can consistently capture truly authentic portraits for her families. Margherita’s approach to family photos is to imagine that if you were putting your family portrait into a time capsule then you’d only want the single best image possible – the one of everyone in your family smiling and looking really gorgeous, all at the same moment. Margherita has consciously developed and applied a natural style to her photography that will not date, guaranteeing you still adore your portraits in 20 years time.”

If you have not had family portraits before, or it’s been a long while then you may not know what to expect, or how to compare what’s available out there, this guide is here to help.

You’re not alone if you know someone who really doesn’t enjoy having their picture taken, but don’t worry, I can guarantee that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how effortless it can be. My aim is for you to have a great experience and end up with the best possible photos of your family, find out more about my 100% ALL SMILES™ Guarantee

I’m very appreciative of all the feedback I receive – the exciting thing is that even previously-reluctant Dads are reporting having fun!! – read their reviews here.

With just a handful of quick steps your family will be rewarded with some really gorgeous portraits with a minimum of fuss – see how it works here.

Families; big, small, young and old, every family deserves to have a great shot of themselves – relaxed, having fun and looking their best. See recent family photos here.

Gorgeous bubs; with great excitement babies arrive and are celebrated – lots of love and joy here! See recent newborn photos here.

Are you organising a family reunion? Are your adult children, or brothers and sisters back in town for just a short time? I can help you capture this great window of opportunity with some gorgeous portraits – history in the making.

I do occasionally shoot weddings by request, please get in touch if you would like to find out more.

Due to Margherita’s work with Charities and Community Organisations, from time to time she receives mentions in the media, click here to see some of Margherita’s mentions in the media.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch, I’ll get back to you personally.

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