How the Portraits Work

Margherita Gregory Portrait PhotographerMy specialty is family portraits, and my goal is to make sure you receive the best photos of your family possible. Together we’ll create images that will truly become family heirlooms, treasured by your family for decades to come. All my portraits are taken in natural outdoor locations where I find families feel most relaxed – I don’t use a studio.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone if you know someone who really doesn’t enjoy having their picture taken, I can guarantee that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how effortless it can be. (Dads regularly tell me that it was fun and completely the opposite to what they expected)

The process is smooth and busy families find that it comes together very easily. The feedback I get is that they’re really glad they took the time and captured themselves today – for the future.


  • Step 1 – Check out my Family Portrait Gallery (on the “Start Here” page) – you’ll see lots of great families and the best locations, and when we talk you can let me know what suits you guys.


  • Step 2 – We have a quick chat and find out a little more about your family, their personalities, where they’re at and what they like to do. There’s some great ideas I have for you to ensure you get the best result. Some of this stuff is sneaky-mum’s-business to make sure you get the best from everyone on the day : )


  • Step 3 – We have a little glimpse into the future and imagine what images you’d like to have for your home. Together we plan the images you think you may like, this gives us both a better idea of how long the shoot will take, and where the best location will be.


  • Step 4 – We schedule a time and location that suits your family. On the day I will generally have a family portrait session happening before yours, and after yours so it’s vital we lock in a time for your family. If ‘Johny’ gets chicken pox the week before don’t worry, this stuff happens and we can re-schedule if something crops up.


  • Step 5 – We get together ‘on the day’ – remember it’s not about “photographs” – it’s about your family having fun together, just bring yourselves, no ‘performing’ required. If you have the time a great idea is to turn it into a spontaneous family outing that will be remembered fondly for years.


  • Step 6 – We get together and see the images. This is your opportunity to order your favourites, I can help you compare them and choose what suits you best.


  • Step 7 – I’ll get your images ready and deliver them back to you – this is the most exciting part !   Tears of joy are not uncommon : )