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Embracing Gap-Toothed Smiles and Braces Children’s Portrait Photography

Embracing Gap-Toothed Smiles and Braces Children’s Portrait Photography

Picture this: you have been aching to set up a professional portrait photography session, but one or more of your children just lost a baby tooth and is now sporting a gap-tooth smile. Should you wait for the adult tooth to grow in, or do you capture the cute but gapped smile? Personally, I love […]

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Guidelines for Choosing Newborn Photography Props

Infant portraits sessions typically occur in the first few months of birth, when the baby will sweetly sleep no matter his or her surroundings, outfit, or pose. Although there are many different toys, blankets, and other objects that you could include in the shoot, it is better to start simply. After all, you want all of […]


Child Portraits: Getting the Best Photographs of Your Children at Any Age

I’ve been in the photography business for several years now, and one thing that I love doing is taking child portraits for families. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to photograph children who are all grown up and have children of their own, and let me tell you, that is an amazing experience! They always talk […]

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Brisbane Settings for Photographing Children

The one truth that remains the same is that children would much rather participate in photographs when they are able to run around and be themselves. If they are in a studio, they feel confined and are oftentimes told not to touch anything. This stops them from enjoying the session, stifling them, keeping those gorgeous, […]