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Choosing the Best Brisbane Settings for Photographing Children Outdoors

  Anyone who’s ever tried to capture really terrific shots of children that do justice to their wonderful natural spirits doesn’t need to be told what a challenge it can be. Children definitely tend to have minds of their own and getting the best out of them on your own time frame can be difficult […]

Photographing Children With Special Needs

Photographing Children with Special Needs – Part Two

Photography is about a lot of things, but mostly it’s about capturing the magic of special moments in time on film. These captured moments can be powerful visual aids to help us recall our fondest memories in vivid detail. All that said, it’s understandable that photographs can be an important part of making memories with […]

Photographing Children with Special Needs

Photographing Children with Special Needs – Part One

If you’re the parent of a special needs child, then it’s more than a little likely that you and your family have your own set of challenges when it comes to capturing them on film. Naturally, special needs children don’t always respond to outside stimuli in the same way that other children do, so getting […]