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Portrait Photography: Getting Young Children to Cooperate

Photo shoots involving children can be a challenge, whether the little ones are extremely active, camera-shy, or have a very short attention span. Thankfully, there are many ways to help make your portrait photography session a success. Keep scrolling to learn more: Choose the Right Timing A word to the wise: please, never book a […]


Family Photography: The Best Ages for Your Children to Get Photos

Family photography is something I believe is absolutely perfect for everyone. It helps capture memories and is a wonderful time for families to laugh and relax. However, I’ve heard from different families that they aren’t sure what the best ages for child photography is and haven’t taken many, if any, family photos yet. I am […]

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How to Get Gorgeous Family Photographs with Your Adorable Pets

Pet photography is a great way to get gorgeous family photographs that everyone will love. It is a perfect way to get everyone to relax while you are getting photographs taken, with zero fake smiles! When you bring along your pets, you will even notice that reluctant teenagers are more willing to get their portraits […]


Getting the Best Out of Your Children for Family Photographs

I absolutely enjoy family photographs and I think they are important for all families to get. Pictures allow you to capture wonderful memories on film, giving you something to pass down throughout the generations. They also are wonderful to have hanging on your walls and in picture books to show off to friends and family. […]


Photographing Children With Special Needs: Part Two

In part one of my “Photographing Children With Special Needs” blog, I focused on some personal stories of when I have done sessions for families with special needs children. My goal is to show parents it is a wonderful idea to get professional portraiture of their children, with no apologies or feelings of embarrassment. As […]

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Photographing Children With Special Needs: Part One

Many parents long to get portraits taken of their children, and many who have children with special needs find that this can be difficult. This can stop families from getting photographs taken of their children, which means that they will not have many memories in the future. Photographing children with special needs is possible (and an amazing […]