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Family Portraits with Older Children

As much as I love photographing newborns and small children, there is something about the bond between older siblings and their parents that really catches my eye. I love capturing special moments between family members who have grown up together and shared so much. Whether you are a parent with older kids or an adult […]

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Discovering Damaged Portraits: How I Saved a Family Photo

I was recently at my mother’s house in the country, and I found a huge box full of photographs. Luckily, it was a plastic box with a plastic lid, so we can assume that most of the creepy-crawly things out in the country might not have gotten into the box to make a mess and […]

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How to Prepare for Your First Family Photo Shoot

Are you considering scheduling a family photo shoot, or have you already booked your session? Although my favourite tip is to simply smile, have fun, and enjoy the day, there are several more concrete things to think about as you prepare for the session. Choose a Time to Meet If you have not already booked […]

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8 Traits of a Great Outdoor Photo Shoot Location, Part 2 of 2

Part one of this post introduced a few things to think about while looking for an outdoor photo shoot location, including natural lighting and safety considerations. To round things off, here are four more traits to look for while choosing the perfect location for your next family portrait session: Limits Noise and Pedestrian Traffic Even […]

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8 Traits of a Great Outdoor Photo Shoot Location, Part 1 of 2

With so many scenic places around Brisbane, picking the right place for your session can be a challenge! The location you choose will drive the decisions surrounding the rest of the session, from clothing choices to props. You can always ask your photographer for recommendations, but you may also want to follow these tips for […]

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4 Family Photo Session Poses That Showcase the Sibling Bond

Photographing children is always a highlight for me, especially when I can focus on capturing the relationships between different family members. Your family photo session can include a myriad of poses and images, including group shots and something that can be difficult to capture on film: the sibling bond. It is easy to snap shots […]

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3 Ways to Help Capture Your Newborn’s Personality in Photos

Whether you are weeks away from delivery or have just welcomed your new little one into the world, the next few months may be a bit of a blur. Between busy days and long nights, you may want a few professional photographs to help you remember the incomparable experience of having a newborn in the […]


5 of the Best Ways to Have Fun for Your Family Portraits

Family portraits are great, aren’t they? You get the chance to spend time together and capture stunning memories to share with others. However, there are times when it might just seem a little too stressful, keeping you from taking the step to get portraits taken. I want to look at how you can have fun […]


Fact or Myth: Is Bright Sunlight the Best Lighting for Outdoor Family Photography?

You’ve booked your outdoor family photography session; it’s the day before, and you notice the weather says tomorrow will be cloudy – what do you do? This is a dilemma many clients face, and often many think that they just need to cancel and re-book for another time when the sun is bright. Do you […]

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The Hidden Mother Phenomenon: Historical Family Portraits for Everyone

Family photography is a gorgeous thing and something I absolutely adore is looking at old family photographs. You get the opportunity to see families through the generations, and see similarities that are astounding. And it is simply wonderful to see how people once lived; people who have such strong ties to you. Throughout old family […]