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Photographing Children: A Few Essential Tips on Working with Kids

It seems like everyone posts, emails, or otherwise shares photos online these days. However, how many of those photos are somewhat blurry, were taken in low lighting, or were heavily edited using various phone applications? Although many parents can capture great candid snapshots of their kids, there are many benefits to booking a professional photography […]

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5 Tips for Including Your Family Pet in a Photo Shoot

For many people, our pets are undeniably one of the family. The bond between children and animals is particularly worth capturing and remembering. Thankfully, I have plenty of experience photographing animals and am more than happy to discuss including them when booking a family portrait session. Here is a handful of tips for including the […]


Family Portraits and Storytelling

Portraits are so important for families and children, as they tell a story of that particular family. Each family has a unique story and I enjoy hearing each one as I take their photographs. The stories are varied, but I am always grateful to hear the little gems families tell me. One of the stories […]