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Embracing Gap-Toothed Smiles and Braces Children’s Portrait Photography

Embracing Gap-Toothed Smiles and Braces Children’s Portrait Photography

Picture this: you have been aching to set up a professional portrait photography session, but one or more of your children just lost a baby tooth and is now sporting a gap-tooth smile. Should you wait for the adult tooth to grow in, or do you capture the cute but gapped smile? Personally, I love […]

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5 Reasons to Have Multi-Generation Family Portrait Images Taken

Following up with my recent Mother’s Day post, I wanted to make sure that you remember the grandmothers, too! Family portrait images that include multiple generations are particularly memorable and will be cherished for years to come. Whether it is your parent’s anniversary, you are celebrating a birthday milestone, or everyone is simply in town […]

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The Importance of Preserving Family Portrait Images for Anzac Day

25 April marks Anzac Day, a day we recognise and remember all those who have served on behalf of Australia and New Zealand. This day can help bring us together to learn about family history, dig through old photographs, and commemorate loved ones. It is critical to properly care for, store, and display historic family […]

Where to hang your family photos

Where to Hang Your Family Portrait Photos

Hanging framed photographs can liven up boring walls, personalise your space, and keep fun memories close at hand. However, not all walls and rooms are created equally. Your family portrait photos may begin to deteriorate if they experience too many extremes and variations in light, humidity, and heat. Here are several tips for hanging your […]

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Taking Photos of Children With Special Needs: A Few Useful Tips

Families with very young, energetic, or camera-shy children know that taking a nice group photo together can be somewhat what of a challenge. Unfortunately, this means that parents of children with special needs, in particular, may be even less likely to schedule a professional photo shoot for fear of things going badly. However, I have […]


5 of the Best Ways to Have Fun for Your Family Portraits

Family portraits are great, aren’t they? You get the chance to spend time together and capture stunning memories to share with others. However, there are times when it might just seem a little too stressful, keeping you from taking the step to get portraits taken. I want to look at how you can have fun […]


Why Professional Family Photographs Are for You

Family portraits are perfect because they can capture so many amazing memories. They give families time to relax and enjoy each other, but many families aren’t sure if professional family photographs are for them. I truly believe they are for every family, no matter what your family looks like, and will be perfect for you. […]


Time Moves On: Getting Family Portraits (part2)

Putting off family photographs is something that many families do. I’ve taken several photographs of people who were getting family portraits taken for the first time, and their children were all grown! This is something so many of my families want to avoid, and I want to avoid it as well. Getting photographs taken with […]


Time Moves On: Getting Family Portraits (part1)

“We need family portraits, but we can wait a few months.” A few months pass and before you know it, next year is here. Does this sound familiar? I know of so many families who go through this each year, and many never get family portraits taken until everyone is much older. Getting family portraits […]

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The Pros And Cons Of Beach Photography

You’ve seen them all around and are probably wondering if beach photography is something you and your family should do. I love beach photography and I think the photographs are absolutely stunning in the end. However, I always make sure that my clients understand that beach photography not only has some great pros, but there […]