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Family Portraits - the simple relaxed way

The Kiss Photography Formula for Great, Simple Family Portraits

One of the main reasons families do not get portraits taken is because they are far too busy to think of it. When they get a chance to, they immediately decide against getting professional portraits because they simply don’t have the time for an hour to two-hour session in a studio. Can you relate to […]

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Recreating Old Family Portraits

Family portraits are a must for every family, but sometimes you might be stuck on just how to pose for your portraits. However, you might be able to gather some incredible ideas based off of old family portraits you have in your family. Recreating old family portraits is an excellent photo opportunity for your family […]

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Rainy Day Portraits: Reschedule Or Have An Adventure?

Weather is a major factor when it comes to scheduling outdoor family sessions. Many times, I have clients who will call me and wonder if we should reschedule because the forecast says that it is going to be raining in Brisbane, or at least have an 80% chance of rain. Something that I have noticed […]

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Lifestyle Portraits: Including Horses In Family Portraits

When you hear about lifestyle portraits, you probably think of people riding motorbikes or posing with boats, but one of my favourite lifestyle portraits to do is with horses. Owning horses is an incredible life achievement that everyone is absolutely proud of, and for good reason! Because of this, I often encourage people to include […]


Including Dogs In Your Family Portraits

Family portraits are an incredible opportunity to get your whole family together and have fun laughing and relaxing. One of the most amazing ways to make this a fun time for everyone is to bring your family pet, especially if it is a dog. Including dogs in your family portraits is an excellent way to […]

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Lifestyle Portraits: Taking Photographs on Your Boat

This might surprise you, but boats are absolutely perfect for incredible lifestyle portraits for you and your family. Boats make gorgeous scene setters and can make wonderful backdrops, as well. Your family and I can take an adventure all around the area finding locations that are amazingly unique for your family portraits, and you can […]


Why Should You Get Winter Portraits?

The winter months have just come to a close, but they’re still great for portraits. I’m going to touch on what I like about them. Here in Queensland, winter can either last a few months or just one or two weeks, but we find it an immense relief from the heat, as well as the perfect […]

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Photos – Evolution of a Reluctant Dad

Family portraits can be difficult enough with all of our busy lives, but many times it is made more difficult by reluctant people with a busy schedule or a little shy and so not excited about having photographs taken. Here’s a light-hearted look at Photos – Evolution of a Reluctant Dad. The Tentative Phone Call.. When […]

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Three Must Have Family Portrait Ideas

Life can get very busy, which keeps many of us from getting family portraits taken. We believe that we do not have much time, as well as that we have to spend a lot on portraits and order hundreds of photographs once the session is over. The great news is that a simple session does […]


Getting Gorgeous Photographs Of Cancer Patients

Cancer is a treacherous disease that can bring quite the amount of sadness to all families. No one knows exactly what to do, once he or she receives a diagnosis, especially if it is terminal. In the midst of chemotherapy and other treatments, cancer patients might not feel like doing much and may not want […]