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Getting Some Stunning Photographs Of Your Family: Photographing Teenagers

The teen years are some of the best, yet can also be an incredibly difficult time in our lives. This is when one goes through hormonal changes, have several mood swings, and have those pesky blemishes that pop up at the most inopportune times. One thing everyone knows about teens is how they tend to […]

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Brisbane Settings for Photographing Children

The one truth that remains the same is that children would much rather participate in photographs when they are able to run around and be themselves. If they are in a studio, they feel confined and are oftentimes told not to touch anything. This stops them from enjoying the session, stifling them, keeping those gorgeous, […]


Family Portraits and Storytelling

Portraits are so important for families and children, as they tell a story of that particular family. Each family has a unique story and I enjoy hearing each one as I take their photographs. The stories are varied, but I am always grateful to hear the little gems families tell me. One of the stories […]

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The Dos and Don’ts of Shooting Family Portraits

Naturally, getting the absolute best images for the families I photograph doesn’t present the exact same challenges each and every time. However, there are certainly some tried and true techniques for improving the enjoyment for everyone whilst shooting family portraits. After all, great photographs are all about creating pleasing visuals and accurately capturing memories or […]