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Lifestyle Portraits: Including Horses In Family Portraits

When you hear about lifestyle portraits, you probably think of people riding motorbikes or posing with boats, but one of my favourite lifestyle portraits to do is with horses. Owning horses is an incredible life achievement that everyone is absolutely proud of, and for good reason! Because of this, I often encourage people to include […]

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Lifestyle Portraits: Taking Photographs on Your Boat

This might surprise you, but boats are absolutely perfect for incredible lifestyle portraits for you and your family. Boats make gorgeous scene setters and can make wonderful backdrops, as well. Your family and I can take an adventure all around the area finding locations that are amazingly unique for your family portraits, and you can […]


Lifestyle Portraits for Couples

Every family is different, and each family has interests, hobbies, and other lifestyle elements that make them truly unique. Some families have many children, and some have few, while others are just a couple; I love working with all and finding perfect shots that are the best for each family. I am going to take […]