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5 Reasons to Choose an Outdoor Photo Shoot Location Instead of the Studio

Studios have numerous benefits for portrait sessions, including full light and climate control. However, since you have the option to book an outdoor session, have you ever considered that it might be preferable? From the variety of backgrounds to the natural joy that comes from being outside, here are five reasons to consider booking a […]

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Let the Shoreline Call Your Name: 3 Tips for Beach Photography

  Our local beaches provide striking backgrounds for portraits of any kind, from teenagers and friends to couples and families. The possibilities for gorgeous shots are endless, including walking or running on the sand, stepping into the water, or sitting together on the beach or sand dunes. If you are considering the beach as the […]


Keep Your Cool During Outdoor Summer Photography

Summer is the perfect time for outdoor photography. The blue skies and radiant sunshine allow you to capture gorgeous photographs; however, there is one down side to outdoor summer photography: the heat. But if you prepare and plan accordingly, the heat doesn’t have to ruin your photo shoot. How to Stay Cool During Outdoor Summer […]


Fact or Myth: Is Bright Sunlight the Best Lighting for Outdoor Family Photography?

You’ve booked your outdoor family photography session; it’s the day before, and you notice the weather says tomorrow will be cloudy – what do you do? This is a dilemma many clients face, and often many think that they just need to cancel and re-book for another time when the sun is bright. Do you […]


Is Outdoor Family Photography for You and Yours?

I simply adore outdoor photography sessions. This is the perfect chance for families to relax, have an amazing time, and I can capture some of the most beautiful candid shots. There are, however, many people who wonder if outdoor family photography is for them and their family. I think it is perfect for anyone, and […]