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The Importance of Preserving Family Portrait Images for Anzac Day

25 April marks Anzac Day, a day we recognise and remember all those who have served on behalf of Australia and New Zealand. This day can help bring us together to learn about family history, dig through old photographs, and commemorate loved ones. It is critical to properly care for, store, and display historic family […]

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Your Old and New Photos Can Make Gorgeous Family Photo Memorials

Photographs are a gorgeous part of every family’s history and present. They help capture what our families look like throughout the years, even a hundred years back. This is always incredible to see, and I simply love looking at old photographs. When you combine your old photos with new ones of your family, you have […]

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Photo Memorials: Making History for Future Generations

We all love seeing our old family photographs whether they are just from a few decades ago or are much older. These photos are gorgeous and they capture a time that we either never experienced or experienced so long ago! When you flip through old photographs, you find yourself in the midst of a history […]

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Remembering the Past: Photo Memorials

Photo memorials are great ways for families to remember their loved ones both past and present. These memorials are also excellent projects for families to participate in together for family time. Many people utilise the family memorial when a loved one passes, yet a memorial is something that is great to start working on while […]