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The Importance of Preserving Family Portrait Images for Anzac Day

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25 April marks Anzac Day, a day we recognise and remember all those who have served on behalf of Australia and New Zealand. This day can help bring us together to learn about family history, dig through old photographs, and commemorate loved ones. It is critical to properly care for, store, and display historic family portrait images. In the future, both those photos and any taken now may become heirlooms that are cherished by future generations. Here are few reasons to pull out those old photographs, along with several tips for helping to preserve them!

Celebrating Your Heritage

The ability to connect to our own heritage is a valuable experience that some people never have. For example, today’s children are growing up much differently than their parents or grandparents. Do your children know about your background and where you came from? Do they understand why you still have old, historic photographs around the house? Are they interested in preserving your family’s history and legacy? Something as simple as a tiny photograph can be so important in teaching our children why events such as Anzac Day are so significant.

Share Old Stories

portrait photographyOne of the best ways to connect to old pictures is through story telling. You and your children might be surprised by the sweet, sad, or humorous stories that linger behind an old black-and-white or sepia-toned photo! Whether or not your parents or siblings live nearby, make an effort to reach out and gather as many of these tales as possible. They can be collected and saved as you preserve the images, too. One easy way to gain new insights and information about an old photograph is to post it on social media. Photographs can often help jog memories, so tag a few far-off relatives and see who responds! You may even hear from old friends or war buddies who can share even more tales.

Preserving Historic Family Portrait Images

Step one to preserving old photographs is to find them! Even if you know that you will not have time to sort through them now, make sure that there are no pictures stored in the attic, basement, or garage. The film over photographs may cause them to stick to glass or one another, so use caution when beginning to separate them. I was able to save a beautiful sibling photo that was stuck to shattered glass, so do not give up hope if your pictures have not been properly stored!

Displaying photographs is easy with the right frames. A thin, acid-free mat will help keep the glass away from the top of the picture while providing a slim or thick border. Unframed photos should be kept at a low temperature, in a space with low humidity. The trick is to avoid extremes and fluctuations, which will accelerate fading and loss. Avoid writing on them with pen or using adhesive labels, which can eat away at the backing. Although it may be tempting to include newspaper clippings, do not store them directly with photos due to the paper’s acidity.

Photo albums can be a very attractive and simple way to store multiple images, but make sure you buy the right kind. Cheap albums may not protect your photos in the long-term, due to damaging plastics, polyethylene, and vinyl. Use albums with acid-free and lignin-free paper and a base of polyester or polypropylene, such as Mylar. Similarly, cheap storage containers that are made of cardboard, wood, or many common plastics may contribute to image deterioration. Buy specialty containers from a photography store.

Another great way to save and share photographs, however, is to scan them. You can create digital photo albums or print copies of pictures for additional albums. Professional scanning and colour-correcting capabilities will help each picture look its best.

Consider Taking New Photos

As you gather to talk about and preserve old photographs, consider taking some professional family portrait images of your own. The pictures could include relatives visiting for the first time or reflect other reunions, gatherings, and celebrations. Another fun idea is to recreate old photographs as closely as possible. Does your teenager have the same cheekbones as his great-uncle who served in the war? Does your daughter remind you of your mother at her age? Recreating these pictures is a fun way to celebrate your family history and create new memories at the same time.

For more information about preserving old photographs or taking new portraits, contact me today. I look forward to hearing from you!

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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Your Old and New Photos Can Make Gorgeous Family Photo Memorials

family portrait backgroundPhotographs are a gorgeous part of every family’s history and present. They help capture what our families look like throughout the years, even a hundred years back. This is always incredible to see, and I simply love looking at old photographs.

When you combine your old photos with new ones of your family, you have the great chance of creating incredible family photo memorials. These are great to have in your home and to showcase at family gatherings.

Let’s take a look at how your photos can create amazing photo memorials!

  • Amazing Ways to Make Gorgeous Family Photo Memorials

Just what can you do when it comes to creating photo memorials. I am going to look at a few great ways create stunning pieces you will absolutely love.

  • Do You Have Old Family Photographs? Restore and Preserve Them!

Many of us have old family photographs that are sitting around in boxes or old albums. It is always incredible to look through these photographs, but many times they are fading and starting to look worn.

When you aim to create family photo memorials, you should get your old photos restored and make sure to preserve them well. This will help keep them staying looking amazing for many more years. 

  • Add to Your Old Collection with Professional Family Photography

Those old collections do make for great photo memorials, but if it’s just old photos, you’ll start to notice that there is something missing. What is it? You and your family, of course!

Getting professional family photographs is a great way to get your own photos and add them to memorials. This can help capture how similar your family is now to your family from long ago. Which is always incredibly beautiful to see! 

  • Turn Family Photo Memorials into a Great Family Project

Creating family photo memorials is more than just taking and restoring photos. This is an awesome, wonderful project you can do with your family. Take the time to look through your photos and show your children people from their past family.

You and your family can even vote together to put certain photos in frames to hang in the home or which photos you want to see as a photo memorial. Involving everyone in your family can really make this whole adventure one that will be incredibly memorable for all who take part. 

Start Getting Your Photos Together, Today

Do you have a lot of gorgeous old photographs and want to you add your photos to the collection? Then contact me! Not only can I help you get gorgeous, professional family photographs, but I can also help with restoring your old photos.

In fact, I can also help you when it comes to great image protection by getting your photographs framed. Contact me to learn more about family memorials and what I can help you with, today!

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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Photo Memorials: Making History for Future Generations

Sept09We all love seeing our old family photographs whether they are just from a few decades ago or are much older. These photos are gorgeous and they capture a time that we either never experienced or experienced so long ago! When you flip through old photographs, you find yourself in the midst of a history that is exciting to encounter. Sadly, these amazing photographs will start to degrade and crack over time, which means that getting them retouched and creating photo memorials is a perfect way to keep them safe. Photo memorials help keep the memories alive for much longer, giving future generations the chance to experience this history as well!

  1. Preserving Old Photographs Makes for Great Photo Memorials

Something I always strongly encourage my clients to do is make sure their old family photographs are preserved well. One of the best ways to preserve your old family photos and make a photo memorial is to have them retouched and digitally stored. This will make sure that, if you lose your photos due to a disaster, you and future generations will always have access to these incredible pieces of history. Technology works wonders on older photographs and helps keep them in your family for decades and decades! You can get colour touch-ups, have creases and cracks removed, and many other amazing things. 

  1. Professional Family Photographs Will Last for Decades

Now, I love that people protect their old family photographs and create great photo memorials, but another thing I love is when people get their own family photos to add to the collection. One day, your children’s children will be looking through old photographs and come across ones of your family when their parents were children. This is such a great way to talk to children about the past, and, several more years down the road, your story will still continue to future generations. The best way to make sure this happens is to get professional photography. A good photograph that is printed on the highest quality photo paper and receives proper care will ensure that your current family photographs will last for many years. 

  1. Combine Old Photographs with New Ones for Memorials

When you start to create a photo memorial of your old family photographs, also consider including your own photos. You can make a memorial that is similar to a family tree that shows the progression of your family and how it has grown or any other way you choose. It is always fun to do these because you see fun things like a great-grandfather holding his hand just like you do or that you look exactly like your grandmother did when she was your age. Make these memorials to create long lasting memories for your family now, and for future generations who will simply love to see what their family used to look like!

Do you have gorgeous old family photographs you would like to get memorialised? Then contact me! We can work out what all you will need and I will gladly take family photographs to add to the photo memorial. I love seeing old family photos and helping my clients keep their family’s memory alive for decades!

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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Remembering the Past: Photo Memorials

old family photosPhoto memorials are great ways for families to remember their loved ones both past and present. These memorials are also excellent projects for families to participate in together for family time. Many people utilise the family memorial when a loved one passes, yet a memorial is something that is great to start working on while your loved ones are still with you. I am going to take a look at how you can use photo memorials for your family to remember the past and present.

1. Use Your Old Family Photographs For Photo Memorials

One of the best ways to craft a photo memorial is to use those old family photographs you have tucked away in boxes or albums. Those photos have been around for decades and deserve to be preserved and remembered for years to come. Sometimes, you may find that your photographs are cracking and fading, this is because they are probably around a hundred years old or older. This is why it is great to get a photo memorial made of these photographs. You can get them retouched professionally, saving the integrity of the photo, as well as placing them in a memory filled collection for you to hang on your walls and pass down to future generations.

 2. Use A Photo Memorial For Loved Ones

As I said earlier, many people will utilise family memorials once their family member passes away, but I think it is a great idea to craft some for those who are living, as well. Consider sitting down with your family and having each person choose photos he, or she likes and add it to the memorial, along with a favourite old family photograph. This can be a wonderful activity with children or grandchildren, and can become an excellent tradition your family carries on throughout the following generations. 

Old and faded photographs have stories to tell.3. Craft A Photo Memorial For Future Generations

One of the best things about photo memorials is that you can make them for your future family. This is something that your children, your children’s children, and on will love, just as you love your old family photographs. Future generations can have access to your original photographs, but if you make a memorial of old photographs, you give them the ability to look at things that are over a hundred years old, which is quite impressive!

A Photo Memorial Can Preserve Your Old And New Photographs

I love helping crafting photo memorials with my clients. These are great ways to preserve your old and new family photographs for future generations, as well as for something for you and your family to enjoy right now. I can give you guidance on how to get historic images scanned, restored and reframed . Contact me today, and we can discuss a wonderful way to preserve your memories and craft excellent photo memorials. Never forget to capture forever!

Talk soon, Margherita :)

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