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Embracing Gap-Toothed Smiles and Braces Children’s Portrait Photography

Embracing Gap-Toothed Smiles and Braces Children’s Portrait Photography

Picture this: you have been aching to set up a professional portrait photography session, but one or more of your children just lost a baby tooth and is now sporting a gap-tooth smile. Should you wait for the adult tooth to grow in, or do you capture the cute but gapped smile? Personally, I love […]

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Portrait Photography: Getting Young Children to Cooperate

Photo shoots involving children can be a challenge, whether the little ones are extremely active, camera-shy, or have a very short attention span. Thankfully, there are many ways to help make your portrait photography session a success. Keep scrolling to learn more: Choose the Right Timing A word to the wise: please, never book a […]

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Photographing Children: A Few Essential Tips on Working with Kids

It seems like everyone posts, emails, or otherwise shares photos online these days. However, how many of those photos are somewhat blurry, were taken in low lighting, or were heavily edited using various phone applications? Although many parents can capture great candid snapshots of their kids, there are many benefits to booking a professional photography […]

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4 Family Photo Session Poses That Showcase the Sibling Bond

Photographing children is always a highlight for me, especially when I can focus on capturing the relationships between different family members. Your family photo session can include a myriad of poses and images, including group shots and something that can be difficult to capture on film: the sibling bond. It is easy to snap shots […]

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Taking Photos of Children With Special Needs: A Few Useful Tips

Families with very young, energetic, or camera-shy children know that taking a nice group photo together can be somewhat what of a challenge. Unfortunately, this means that parents of children with special needs, in particular, may be even less likely to schedule a professional photo shoot for fear of things going badly. However, I have […]

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Brisbane Settings for Photographing Children

The one truth that remains the same is that children would much rather participate in photographs when they are able to run around and be themselves. If they are in a studio, they feel confined and are oftentimes told not to touch anything. This stops them from enjoying the session, stifling them, keeping those gorgeous, […]


Photographing Animals and Children: Gorgeous Family Portraits

W. C. Fields once said, “never work with animals or children.” Sometimes this phrase is true but most times, this is a fun experience for the family and the photographer. Animals and children are fun to work with and can create much laughter throughout the process. Pets are just like family and in many cases […]

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Photographing Children with Autism

Family photos are something we should all get at some point, but this can be difficult for families with autistic children. Many feel judged by others when their child acts out and are, therefore, afraid to go too many places with their child. They especially worry when it comes to finding a professional photographer, but […]


Choosing the Best Brisbane Settings for Photographing Children Outdoors

  Anyone who’s ever tried to capture really terrific shots of children that do justice to their wonderful natural spirits doesn’t need to be told what a challenge it can be. Children definitely tend to have minds of their own and getting the best out of them on your own time frame can be difficult […]

The art of photographing children and animals

The Art of Photographing Children and Animals

There’s an old saying out there that says you shouldn’t ever work with either children or animals if you want your job to go smoothly. However, a photographer that’s good at what they do needs to know how to do the impossible and that means laughing in the face of rules like those (sometimes literally). […]