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The Top 3 Tips to Feel Beautiful in Photographs

Taking photographs is an absolutely wonderful idea for everyone and their families. However, many times, I notice that several people are afraid because they don’t feel beautiful in photographs. It is important to you and me that you feel beautiful in portraits because I know how much you will love to get great family photographs […]

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Photos – Evolution of a Reluctant Dad

Family portraits can be difficult enough with all of our busy lives, but many times it is made more difficult by reluctant people with a busy schedule or a little shy and so not excited about having photographs taken. Here’s a light-hearted look at Photos – Evolution of a Reluctant Dad. The Tentative Phone Call.. When […]


How to Feel Beautiful in Photographs

Although there are certainly many people out there that are exceptions to the rule, most of us tend to have a few insecurities to deal with when it comes to having our photographs taken. Naturally, we want to look our best… our most beautiful. However, ageing bodies, extra kilos, and other such flaws can make […]


Getting Beautiful Photographs Featuring Children with Cerebral Palsy

It goes without saying that life can be incredibly stressful for modern day people. We spend long hours toiling away at our day jobs. We juggle community responsibilities with family responsibilities and the challenges that come with maintaining a personal life. The rhythm of our daily routines and responsibilities can sometimes leave little room to […]