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How to Prepare for Professional Family Photography: Feeling Beautiful in Your Skin

Looking your best for your professional family photography is something that is absolutely important to you, isn’t it? It is for so many people! My aim is to help people feel beautiful in their photographs, and I love providing excellent tips for all of my clients. Up next in my latest series of tips on […]

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How to Get Your Reluctant Husband to Do Family Photography

Throughout my years of doing family photography, I’ve noticed that many husbands don’t often like to get their photographs taken. This could be because of childhood memories of having to stand for half an hour or more before a picture is taken or going to stuffy studios with their families. Many women are the ones […]


3 Tips for Getting Better Photographs of Toddlers

No new parent needs to be told how important it is to document every single moment and detail of their child’s younger years. Those magical days are gone far too quickly, so it is always nice to have plenty of charming photographs to look back on and help you remember what it was like when […]


3 Photography Resolutions for 2014

Can you believe it? Yet another year has drawn to a close and here we are, barreling full speed ahead into 2014 already. If you’re like most people, you’ve no doubt made a few resolutions this year as far as ways you’d like to improve your life and make sure this brand new year is […]