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Decorate with family portraits

4 Ways to Decorate Any Space Using Beautiful Family Portrait Photos

Do you have a few framed prints scattered around your home or office? Would you like to display more, but in a way that fits with your décor? Or, are you afraid of things looking cluttered or overly sentimental? Professional family portrait photos are meaningful and artistic, capable of adding both warmth and polish to […]

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The Top 3 Tips to Feel Beautiful in Photographs

Taking photographs is an absolutely wonderful idea for everyone and their families. However, many times, I notice that several people are afraid because they don’t feel beautiful in photographs. It is important to you and me that you feel beautiful in portraits because I know how much you will love to get great family photographs […]


Time Moves On: Getting Family Portraits (part2)

Putting off family photographs is something that many families do. I’ve taken several photographs of people who were getting family portraits taken for the first time, and their children were all grown! This is something so many of my families want to avoid, and I want to avoid it as well. Getting photographs taken with […]


Time Moves On: Getting Family Portraits (part1)

“We need family portraits, but we can wait a few months.” A few months pass and before you know it, next year is here. Does this sound familiar? I know of so many families who go through this each year, and many never get family portraits taken until everyone is much older. Getting family portraits […]

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How To Feel Beautiful In Photographs

Many people avoid getting portraits taken or will attempt to avoid being involved in family photographs because they do not feel beautiful. It is important to me that my clients feel beautiful in photographs, so I have compiled a few ideas on how to do just this! This list is perfect for both men and […]


3 Ways to Protect Your Portraits

Our ancestry is a significant part of who we are; many of us have old photographs that date back over a hundred years and we all desire to keep them safe, hoping to help them last through the ages. I am going to talk today about preserving your ancestor’s photographs and protecting them so that […]