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Why Pay For Professional Family Portraits

Why Pay for Professional Family Portraits?

Many families place a high importance on taking photos of their kids and other loved ones, but they rarely do anything with these photos. Most of the photos are digital. They sit on a hard drive without getting printed or even backed up. It’s nice to have a few photos to look at right now, […]

4 tips for your upcoming photo sessions

Did You Eat Too Many Easter Sweets? 4 Tips for Your Upcoming Photo Session

If you are like me, you may have nibbled on a few too many chocolate treats last weekend and in the days leading up to Easter. The only thing that makes this overindulgence worse is the knowledge of an upcoming photo shoot and the insecurities that may come with it. However, don’t despair! There is […]

newborn portraits

Guidelines for Choosing Newborn Photography Props

Infant portraits sessions typically occur in the first few months of birth, when the baby will sweetly sleep no matter his or her surroundings, outfit, or pose. Although there are many different toys, blankets, and other objects that you could include in the shoot, it is better to start simply. After all, you want all of […]

maternity portraits

4 Things to Know About Maternity Portraits

Do you only capture your growing baby belly with a quick weekly selfie? Do you wish you had pictures taken during your first pregnancy and plan to do so this time around? Although the chances are that you already made your formal pregnancy announcement to friends and family, there is still plenty to celebrate. Professional […]


How to Prepare for Professional Family Photography: What to Wear

Your family is incredible, and you know that you want to capture each moment perfectly. Taking photos with your phone is great, but what about professional family photography? Getting professional photos done can be daunting for many because they aren’t sure how to prepare for a session. I want to set you at complete ease […]

visit brisbane

Professional Photos Make Fantastic Souvenirs for Aussie Visitors

When it comes to commemorating all of life’s priceless moments, there’s really nothing like photography. Photos are just like memories, only preserved in a timeless way that we can actually hold in our hands, hang on our walls, or give to others as gifts. They’re a chance to let other people see what we saw […]