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Teen Photography: The Best Ways to Make Sure Teenagers Love Their Photos

Teen photography can be a tricky thing that many parents aren’t sure how to work with. It can be great fun, however, and I’ve had many happy clients who loved their photos, and the teens loved them as well. When you give teens more room to have fun and be themselves during a family photography […]


Getting the Best Out of Your Children for Family Photographs

I absolutely enjoy family photographs and I think they are important for all families to get. Pictures allow you to capture wonderful memories on film, giving you something to pass down throughout the generations. They also are wonderful to have hanging on your walls and in picture books to show off to friends and family. […]


Tips for Photographing Teenagers

If you’re currently living in a household that includes teenagers, then you don’t need to be told that they come along with their own special collection of challenges. They have minds of their own and they’re completely focused on becoming their own people. That said, it’s not terribly surprising when it’s not so easy to […]