historic camera pictures

How to Store Old Photos and Preserve Precious Memories

In 2017, people took 1.2 trillion digital photos in 2017. This figure doesn’t account for non-digital photographs. Behind every photo that an individual takes, there’s a story. A picture will help you relive that moment when you made the most critical decision of your life. It also could be the moment your child took their

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Is your family reluctant about getting portriats done. Here's some tips to make it easier.

Convincing Your Family to Get Portraits Done

The secret – how to get portraits done Many families want to get portraits done but struggle to nail down a date and time everyone is free for a session. From a husband who travels to kids away at uni, there are numerous reasons to keep putting off family portraits. You don’t want the session

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Choosing a Photographer: A Record of Time or Beautiful Portraits?

A record of time, or something more? There are a seemingly endless number of photographers advertising a wide range of services online. It’s often difficult to determine the differences between varying photographers and why they charge such different rates. Some photographers charge a cheap rate for a two-hour sitting and a large number of images

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Why Pay for Professional Family Portraits?

Many families place a high importance on taking photos of their kids and other loved ones, but they rarely do anything with these photos. Most of the photos are digital. They sit on a hard drive without getting printed or even backed up. It’s nice to have a few photos to look at right now,

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Portrait Photography In Spring

Portrait Photography in Spring : Using Colour to Your Advantage Outdoors As they say a picture’s worth a thousand words and will last for many, many years. We all want to look our best when that moment is captured, so figuring out how best to take advantage of the moment can create questions. Combine that with your

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Portrait Photography Camera Lies affect how we see ourselves in photographs

#005: How The Camera Lies To Us

Introduction: Margherita Gregory from Kiss Photography in Brisbane explains how cameras lie to us when we see photos of ourselves. When it comes to pictures of ourselves it’s a really common response for the eye to be immediately drawn to the feature of ourselves that we dislike the most. But the thing is that this perception of ourselves

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camp quality

Megan Camp Quality Volunteer

Megan (Center) Megan Camp Quality volunteer and 27 year old pediatric nurse started volunteering 7 years ago after moving to Brisbane. The Joy of  Volunteering She was wanting to do

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Duncan Camp Quality Volunteer

Duncan Camp Quality Volunteer is a 23 year old Uni student who was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma at just 5 years of age. Duncan’s First Camp He remembers being nervous when he arrived

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Heath Camp Quality Volunteer

Heath Camp Quality Volunteer Heath, 31 year old civil engineer from Newcastle, started volunteering in 2011 after a friend told him about her experience with Camp Quality and recommended he

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Camp Quality Volunteer Blaize

Volunteer Photographer Recently I was offered the opportunity to be a Camp Quality Volunteer Photographer at a Camp Quality ‘Middle Camp’ at Currimundi on the Sunshine Coast. It is always a touching to

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by the beach with mum

Lifestyle Portraits for Couples

Every family is different, and each family has interests, hobbies, and other lifestyle elements that make them truly unique. Some families have many children, and some have few, while others

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kiss photograpy

Unique Framing Projects

One of my favourite things is when I have clients that come up with incredibly unique framing projects for their photographs. My clients come up with some of the greatest

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Son Asks His Dad About His Love

Interesting families and their stories about portraits Over the many years that I have been taking family portraits I have encountered lots of interesting families, and often their stories are

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Making Photo History

When I visit a family’s home to show them their portraits I realise that we are making photo history. Walking down the hallway in a lovely home recently.. I passed

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Hilarious Portrait Photo Shoots

Meeting lots of local Brisbane families each year I experience some really hilarious portrait photo shoots. I meet some real characters.. from supreme court judges to the little old lady

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When you receive your new family portraits the first question is how to hang wall art.

How to Hang Wall Art

How to hang wall art. It’s both exciting and rewarding. When you think about how to hang wall art it can be a little daunting. Receiving a collection of portraits

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kiss photography

Print Box Sets

Print Box Sets are timeless, flexible and instantly become precious family heirlooms. We often don’t think of Print Box Sets when we think “family portraits”. Instead we tend to think

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family portrait idea

Outdoor Family Photos

Pets and children are perfect for great outdoor family photos. The obstacles to getting great family portraits It doesn’t have to be difficult, it could be as easy as organising

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Georgina Lewis and Paul O’Brien supporting Camp Quality

Camp Quality Supper Club

Georgina Lewis and Paul O’Brien supporting Camp Quality I recently had the pleasure of supporting the Camp Quality Supper Club. Over 288 guests had an exciting evening out at 24 top Brisbane

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kiss photography videos

Kiss Photography YouTube Channel

I’m  really excited to announce the new Kiss Photography YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/kissphotography It features a video of a family portrait shoot I did recently. We had lots of fun

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