#003: Family Photography Introduction 2 of 3

Margherita Gregory from Kiss Photography in Brisbane shares her formula for successful family portraits that families love. 


Hi, Margherita Gregory here from Kiss Photography. When I’m chatting to families about their portraits, it’s lovely to hear all the different reasons why they are getting their portraits done. They might have just gotten married and all the family is in town and they want some really natural photographs in a lovely place instead of the stressed ones on the wedding day. Or there might be a new baby in the family or the kids have just out of school, or they’re going unto high school. Or, you might have a university student about to graduate and who knows where they gonna go, they might go overseas. You might even have some family coming from overseas and you’ll all be together and it hasn’t happen in many years and you know it’s happening in this month and you really wanna get everyone together, and that’s really special. 

Margherita Gregory Kiss Photography iTunes PodcastThere’s lots of reasons to get portraits done, and it’s just a special thing to do. So here’s my tip for making it fun, efficient, and, and relaxed so that nobody goes crazy. If you’re feeling awkward, the best thing to do is do them outdoors. A lot of people feel uncomfortable if you’re in a studio and there’s lights and the kids aren’t allowed to run around. But if you can imagine being underneath a beautiful tree running around, you might have a dog with you, it’s a totally different feel. T-shirts, jeans just totally relaxed. If you’re feeling overweight, I can help you with clothing, the right color, the right shape, the right style of clothes, and it’s all about the posing as well, so you’ll lose 10 kilos in the picture, just by the right posing and the right clothing. So don’t worry about that anymore. And if you still don’t like it, we can Photoshop it. 

If there’s unenthusiastic dads or teenagers in the family that don’t want have it done, if it’s outdoors, it’s relaxed it, it’s only 20 minutes, you’ll eliminate all those excuses. I have so many dads tell me that “Oh, I actually had fun, it was easy, I didn’t think it was gonna be so easy.” So that ‘s not a problem anymore. You might have some unruly kids, with young kids, first thing in the morning, feed them all up so no one’s hungry or thirsty, and we get it done really quickly and efficiently, and the kids would even have a lovely time and at their best. And you might have a family gathering, will work together to find out the best location and the best timing to gather all the troops together so it can be done quickly and efficiently even if it’s like a kind of chain reaction type of thing, and the last shot you do is with everyone together before you leave.

It can happen and it can be easy. I’ll share with you in the next video some popular ideas about locations and styles that you might like and what other people have done.

So speak to you soon!

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