#005: How The Camera Lies To Us

Introduction: Margherita Gregory from Kiss Photography in Brisbane explains how cameras lie to us when we see photos of ourselves.

When it comes to pictures of ourselves it’s a really common response for the eye to be immediately drawn to the feature of ourselves that we dislike the most.

But the thing is that this perception of ourselves is distorted by the cameras we all have in our back pockets – phones!

What’s worse is that in the wrong hands these cameras will even exaggerate those things we don’t like, leaving us to believe that we really don’t look good in photos!

This is a total lie!

The camera does nothing to reveal your true beauty, unless of course we trick it otherwise :)

In this podcast I explain how to get the most from pictures of yourself and how to show off your best features, always.

Enjoy the podcast, hope it helps!

Talk soon, Margherita

Margherita Gregory Kiss Photography iTunes Podcast

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