The Amazing Legacy of Family Photographs

faded photographsOne thing that I have an absolute passion for is old family photographs and giving you the ability to pass your photos down through generations. When you have portraits, you have an opportunity to create memories with your family in the here and now, but you also give future generations something incredible to look back on. Genealogical searches are becoming very popular – and for good reason! I feel that as time progresses, learning about our families will only grow in trendiness and will always be important, which is why family photographs are great for you. I am going to take a look at why photographs are splendid to have for your future family!

People Love Learning About Their Ancestors

Something I’ve learned through doing portraits is that people simply love learning about their family, and they provide incredible stories. It is always amazing to hear my clients talk about their families and show me old portraits – I simply love it! As I said earlier, I don’t feel that this trend will ever dissipate, and I fully believe that your family will be researching you in 60 to 100 years. Such an odd feeling and thought, isn’t it?

I recently read a story about a man in America who collects his old family photographs, but he doesn’t just stop there. He does research into his family and writes names, dates, and relations on the back of each. He has done genealogical searches for 30 years, and he thinks, much like me, that family history is such a rich, amazing thing for families to learn. He is hoping this time spent on his family’s genealogy will make it easier for his future family to learn about him and past family members.He strongly encourages everyone to do a “roots” or family search into their past. 

Family Photographs Give People Something Tangible

No matter what, learning about your family is something absolutely incredible. Were they an artist in the 1920s? Did they serve in the Great War? Were they farmers? Everything you learn gives you chills and is absolutely exciting. However, something that makes this even more amazing and impactful is if people have family photographs to see these family members and know what they looked like. What an incredible feeling! You may even notice several similarities in looks between you and a family member. It is quite amazing to see that.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to have any grand story to go with your photographs – anything will do! Think about how you feel as you learn about your family history; even the most seemingly mundane tasks become a tale that makes you giggle like a school child. Learning about your family is always amazing, and this will still be true in a hundred years time for future generations.

Don’t hesitate about getting family photographs because they do not only serve as memories for today but also as history in the future. Call me, and we can chat about your portrait session and you can even bring your own ancestral photographs if you have any available. I’d love to see them and help you keep your family’s memory alive!

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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