Best Ages to Get Portraits of Your Children 2


Kids grow up too fast!

Children change so quickly, and I often get asked what are the best ages to get portraits of your children. I think it’s as they approach the teenage years, just before they become teenagers and they’re still at primary school, they’re so lovely then. They’re still children. I see some of these teens three years later or so, and they’ve totally changed. The shape of their face change, and after they hit the teenage years they look like adults. That’s a nice milestone to capture also.

Never too late for portraits

When children enter their twenties sometimes they’re about to leave home, or they’re finishing uni, or they’re just starting to work full  time. A lot of families think it’s too late for “children’s photos,” but it really isn’t. I have photographed many older kids, some families with kids all in their twenties, and some who are already married.

In fact, when your children have families of their own, that’s a lovely time because you can bring your grandchildren into the photos and can get family reunion portraits. These generations let the parents and the children align so that the children have a reference portrait of themselves and their own kids at any age.

Sometimes with family reunions the grandchildren can be a little unenthusiastic if they haven’t done it before.. and that’s when it can get tricky.. But it’s very precious time having portraits with your grandchildren, and you can also get portraits of you with the kids again, and that’s a magic time as well, so it’s really worth doing.

Put up the family history on the wall

Preserve those memories of the family through portraits. Here are the best ages to get portraits of your children 2 .So every family is different, and we need to find the style that suits your family. Think about what you’d love to finish up with. A lot of families actually book every three years to have portraits taken, and they have a variety of images every time so that in fifty years’ time there’s a rich history up on the wall.

One particular mum has photographed her son and herself every year since he was born, from six months all the way up to when he was about seventeen. I think he’s nineteen now, which means every two years he gets a portrait because he’s not changing as much. Her walls are museum of changing faces. Put the photos together really quickly, you can see this little boy growing up in front of your eyes, and that is magical.

Anytime is the BEST time for a portrait

So, if you haven’t done it yet, now is the best time to have your portraits taken and don’t worry about the ages, because in no time this period of your life will become precious memories.

Have fun and get some gorgeous portraits organised, every age is a precious milestone!

Keep smiling and have a great day!

Margherita :)

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