Brisbane Family Reunion Photography

Brisbane Family Reunion Photography vital for memoriesBrisbane Family Reunion Photography is something we have been doing for quite a while here at Kiss Photography.

We have a lot of experience with these photos shoots and have found that on occasion they can be a little tricky to organise – it’s a bit like herding cats ;)

However, if you persevere the rewards are huge..

In these modern times we often have family scattered all over the state, interstate, overseas etc

I have families call me from New York saying they’re going to be in Brisbane on these dates..

… and can I fit them in at a beautiful Brisbane location?

Very exciting!

Because all the family is going to be here for a wedding..

..this is the best time to get people together. Generally everyone will be there.

The wedding isn’t best to capture relaxed family portraiture as it’s the Bride and Groom’s big day.

But if you organise a date a couple of days before the wedding you are taking advantage of everyone being together.

It works well, generally people can’t travel just for family portraits.

Weddings however, have that extra pulling power.

They’re the perfect opportunity for some timeless shots before everyone scatters back to their corners of the globe ;)

Brisbane Family Reunion Photography session can be very easy to organiseI encourage you to give it a try!

Even if you have to reschedule a couple of times it not a problem.

You may need to jostle everyone’s schedules into alignment a little bit.

I promise you it will be worth it, you will have some stunning portraits.

Of course not all family reunions require people travelling from other places.

One family reunion I photographed included three brothers.

They all had dogs and they were very important family members!

This was fine, I find it’s great to include the pets in portraits.

They relax the adults and we get lovely images as a result.

My main tip when photographing children..

at family reunion sessions is for the adults to resist trying to ‘direct’ their children.

The kids can get freaked out and stage fright overcomes them.

I suggest that we take lots of photo combinations.

Families can change and you don’t know when the opportunity will turn up again.

Family reunions are fantastic times for families.

With all the colourful personalities there are always lots of funny stories and fond memories to relive.

Families never regret grabbing the opportunity..

and capturing the family all together, it’s so important.

I have so many other stories and experience I look forward to sharing with you.

Give me a call, I’d love to help you organise a family reunion shoot for your family.

Talk soon!

Margherita :)

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