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I never need an excuse to take some fun kids photos. Over the weekend I got to have a great time helping out Camp Quality by doing just that!  I had the pleasure of being invited to capture all the spirited activities at a fun day the team had organised for the children.

However, whilst driving up to Mt Tamborine on Brisbane’s Southside I found I had been lulled into a bit of a contemplative state. In fact, as I made my way higher and higher up the mountain, I had grown a little apprehensive.

I asked myself, would I be able to control my tears?

… seeing so many little children suffering from cancer, fighting to get well. I didn’t know.

I feel very strongly about children and want to love them all.

I knew it was supposed to be a fun and happy camp but the idea of these kids being in discomfort and imagining how their parents would be feeling made me worried.

It brought back memories of a very special little baby, the first child I witnessed being born into the world in an attic in London. Pia. When Pia was just a child she was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. A vicious cancer which after a 2 year fight, took her life. Her father, a dear old friend from Art College days passed away just 6 years ago, also from cancer.

So with these thoughts in my mind, I reached the summit. As I got nearer to the camp grounds I found that a misty fog had rolled in and shrouded the place.

But it soon cleared and it developed into a clear sunny day – perfect for lots of fun kids photos!

I’m here

My first view of the children was a bunch of sprightly boys kicking a ball around as I entered the car park.

Bright colours happy faces and lots of adults met me there.

It would be Okay, I was sure.

Margherita captures kids photos at a recent Camp Quality fun day

Margherita and a few of the Camp Quality team members


The bright Camp Quality shirts and hats and people shone out happily.

What an exciting adventure. A room full of 50 children and their companions were planning their day. They had slept there the night before in the dorms and were happily looking forward to another day of fun. Outside a huge jumping castle was being assembled and there was a buzz in the air.

In an open field the games began

Soccer, skipping, tug-o-war, ‘catchies’ and cricket filled the air with shrieks of laughter and playful fun. I made my way around the children noticing that with most of them were no outward signs of sickness. Some were siblings of the kids with cancer.

Some had not much hair and the littlest one was just 4. The 4 year old was so feisty and spirited, she had a few companions watching out for her as she had her own rules.

At one stage as I was taking some kids photos of them pitching the ball in the cricket game, suddenly I felt a huge embrace and turned to see little miss 4 hugging me. I was then instructed to smell her perfume and she was off. So special, what a fighter.

After some morning tea

… more games were played and we organised group photos and fun images of giggling children. I met many of the companions that day. Lots of age groups and all volunteers doing a great job and obviously also having fun.

I chatted to some young guys in their late 20’s who gave up their weekends to help the kids at camps all the time. Each child was allocated a companion that did everything with them. The kids had not even met them until the camp but the close bond they had all formed was obvious.

The day had flashed by – action kids photos

Before I knew it I was done and a lovely day had passed with amazing children and carers that were doing a great job to brighten the lives of the kids – and also their parents who had a small respite break from the toil of hospital visits and treatments.

Now that I had spent time with the children capturing all these bright vibrant kids photos it would make volunteering for the “Camp Quality Supper Club” even more meaningful :)

Thank you all for a very fun memorable day!

Margherita :)


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