The Absolute Best Ages to Get Photographs of Your Children

laughing-babyIs there a perfect age when it comes to getting photographs of your children? You might be wondering this because you want to make sure each child has a great time while you can get gorgeous photos of them. I am here to tell you the perfect age to help you figure out when to get your children in your family photos. So what is the best age? All ages, of course! Let’s take a look.

Newborns Are Simply Beautiful

This is a gorgeous time with your child – right after he or she is born. You can capture stunning images of how small your child is, and capture those perfect moments before your child grows up. These are definitely portraits you will long cherish, and it will be amazing to look back at how much your child changed from the newborn session to later years. Simply gorgeous. 

You Can’t Go Wrong with Toddler and Small Child Photographs

Does it seem impossible to get photographs of your children when they are toddlers or small children (3 to 4 years old)? It can be a bit trying, but that doesn’t mean this is an age you should avoid! In fact, you will have some of the funniest, most adorable photos of your children when you get photographs of them around these ages. They all tend to be quite cheeky, which is always a joy to capture. 

The School Years are Absolutely Gorgeous

Going to school, having growth spurts, and losing teeth are all some of the most exciting moments for your school-age children. These ages are perfect to capture because you can get those missing-tooth photos, their pride in their school, and just watch them as they grow up in the photos. Capturing photographs of your children at these ages is amazing, especially if you get one each year, showing just how much they’ve grown over the years. 

Teens Love to Have Fun Photographs Taken

The teen years sure do seem like a very difficult time to get photographs of your children. However, these years are just as amazing and gorgeous as the earlier ones. You will know what your teen likes, which can make the session absolutely fun. We can go around throughout the city, capturing great, grungy shots or go to his or her favourite park. Doing what they want, and allowing them to wear their favourite clothing is a perfect way to ensure your teens have an absolute blast with the photographs. 

Any Age is the Perfect Age to Get Photographs of Your Children!

As I said, any age is absolutely wonderful when it comes to getting photographs of your children. You do not have to pass up this wonderful opportunity, so give me a call and we can chat about stunning family portraits you will simply love. I can give you excellent tips on how to make it fun for your child, and we can even include your family pet! I look forward to chatting with you and capturing your precious memories.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)
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