The Best Ages for Portraits of Your Children

hugging-little-brotherDiscovering the best ages to get portraits of your children seems difficult with people giving you their various opinions. I find that each year of a child’s life is simply precious and beautiful to capture, no matter how difficult it may seem. I am going to explore the various ages in this post and explain how each age is perfect in its own special way. 

Newborn Through Toddler Are Beautiful Years

This is a gorgeous time to capture. Newborns always look incredibly different from any other photos taken as they begin to grow. Capturing this is important for your portraits books and for your children to look at when they are grown with children of their own. As they grow into toddlerhood, they start getting their own distinct personality with cheeky grins and gorgeous shots ready for me to capture. Some are able to walk and run on their own while others will use things like a tree root to pull themselves up to stand. This is gorgeous to capture because they look so proud and happy. 

Ages 3 to 4 Are Difficult To Get Portraits of Your Children

These ages can be difficult, but you can still have fun with your children and get wonderful portraits. Many children who are 3 or 4 years old tend to be easily upset because they are starting to become more independent, yet still need help. The best way to get wonderful photos is to interact with your children and make them laugh, enjoying the experience. It is possible, I promise! These portraits of your children will be ones that you cherish for a long time. 

Ages 5 and 6 Are Simply Perfect

These ages are great for capturing gorgeous smiles with teeth missing and children just having a wonderful time. This is the time right before and just as they start school, giving them much excitement and joy because they are growing up. This is also a great time for family portraits because at these ages most children are willing to pose for the camera and tend to be very cheeky throughout the process. 

School Ages Are Stunning

What a wonderful age to capture! School ages are vast and children change so much throughout these years. One of my clients used to get photos every year of her son to capture these changes, which provided her with a stunning collection. Throughout these ages, your children are getting taller and growing up so much and this is something you will want to capture and remember. When they are older, they will be thankful for all of these wonderful portraits. 

Teenage and University Years Are Just As Important

I am sure you hear that teenagers are the most difficult to photograph or that university ages are too old for portraits, but I disagree. I think these years are just as special as the previous ones and there are many things you can capture. You can have your teenagers pose with their pets or a prized possession and many students on their way to uni will gladly take a few portraits before leaving. 

Always Get Portraits of Your Children

Never shy away from getting portraits of your children taken. You will want to remember these years and have photographs for your children to show their children. Once they have grown up, this is a perfect opportunity for a family reunion shoot to capture everyone at their current life stage with all of their children. Contact me today to set up portrait sessions of your children.

Talk soon,
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