Brisbane Settings for Photographing Children

Sept74The one truth that remains the same is that children would much rather participate in photographs when they are able to run around and be themselves. If they are in a studio, they feel confined and are oftentimes told not to touch anything. This stops them from enjoying the session, stifling them, keeping those gorgeous, natural looking photos from being taken. This is why shooting a session outside is a perfect idea for children. I am going to look at a few Brisbane settings that will work amazingly for photographing your children.

1. Big Trees And Caves For Exploration

Big trees and caves offer an excellent opportunity to allow children to pretend they are looking for fairies or dinosaurs. I love helping little girls look for fairyland and capturing their gorgeous smiles as they start searching. I remember telling one little boy that I thought there were dinosaurs in a small cave, he was quite excited, and I captured some stunning images. When you engage their imagination, you will get some of the most magnificent portraits. 

2. Climbing Trees

Climbing gorgeous fig trees or other trees is a perfect portrait opportunity. It is one that is unique, and it will also be wonderful for children. This gives them the ability to play and just be themselves without the stuffiness of a studio or posed shots. I am able to capture their cheeky grins and their beautiful personalities as they are climbing and playing. This helps distract your children from the fact that they are being photographed, which will help them not feel awkward as the portraits are snapped. By doing something like this, I am able to capture them in the best and most natural setting, creating excellent images that you will cherish forever. 

3. Natural Hiding Spots

When photographing small children who feel awkward standing in front of the camera or staring at the lens, finding settings around Brisbane with natural “hiding” spots will be a perfect portrait opportunity. This allows the kids to feel like they are hiding from me, which allows me to capture some adorable portraits of them peeking around the corners of old walls. This can work with old buildings and walls, trees, flowers – the possibility is endless. Whichever place we choose will be perfect to capture gorgeous smiles and adorable eyes staring out at me. 

4. Fields, Old Sheds, and Vehicles Are Perfect

I did one session with a family in a field and around some old sheds; it was gorgeous. I was able to capture the children running around the field, playing and having a wonderful time. The old sheds also offered incredible photographs that were simply stunning. Old vehicles are another great setting for children. I had one young boy who loved fire trucks and other vehicles. I was able to find a location with stunning old cars and trucks, taking his portrait there. The images turned out incredible, and he had a wonderful time. These are great ideas as they can let the child have a fun time, imagine different things, and just being relaxed overall. 

Find The Perfect Brisbane Setting For Your Children

Finding the perfect Brisbane settings for your children is great to capture some stunning images. Contact me, and we will chat about the various locations that I think will be perfect. If you have any questions or have your own ideas, I am willing to answer and listen! Contact me today to set up a superb portrait session for your children.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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