Create Adorable Memories: Children and Pets in Family Photographs

pet photographyI simply love family photography. You get the chance to capture gorgeous moments with your loved ones and create beautiful, long-lasting memories. There are many ways people can take family photographs whether with their prized items like boats or with your entire family here for a family reunion. There is another great way that I adore and it is always so fun for everyone – children and pets in family photographs. Sure, children and pets, especially together, can take the spotlight, but what an adorable spotlight it is! I am going to look at why you should have your children with their pets in your family photographs and which pets work best.

Why Should You Have Your Children and Pets Together in Family Photographs? 

There are many incredible reasons why you should have your children and pets in family photographs together. One of the best is because it is a great way to help relax your child and let them have an incredible time during the session. This is absolutely magical because it works with almost any age from young children to teenagers. When you let your child bring your family pet to the photo session, they will be very happy and that will make the session go smoothly. Everyone in every photograph will look relaxed and happy, and every single smile will be natural and genuine. 

Which Animals Work the Best in Family Photographs? 

Any animal can work, but it depends on where you want your family photographs to be taken. If you have a beautiful family cat that your child wants in the photos, it would be best to take the photos in your home. Unless, of course, your cat is trained on a leash, but this can be very rare! Dogs tend to work the best for combining children and pets in family photographs because they can go most anywhere and are always happy and excited. The great thing about including your family pet in your photos is that it truly can be any pet, even if you have one that others might consider odd.

The Best Tips for Working with Children and Pets

As I mentioned earlier, having your children and pets together can help create a nice, relaxed photo session. A great way to further that relaxation is to let your child dress in his or her favourite outfit, and let the child just have fun. This provides a great opportunity for gorgeous candid shots of your child laughing and smiling with your family pet; trust me, you will adore those photos! 

Choose Kiss Photography for Your Adorable Family Photographs, Today! 

If you would like to include pets in your photos with your children, then contact me and we can have a chat about your session. I can give you tips regarding your pets, and we can talk about any other pets you may have that you want to include. Again, I love combining children with their pets because of the stunning photos that are captured. You will simply adore your photos when they are finished!

Talk soon,
Margherita :)
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