3 Tips for Getting Better Photographs of Toddlers

fun-at-the-beachNo new parent needs to be told how important it is to document every single moment and detail of their child’s younger years. Those magical days are gone far too quickly, so it is always nice to have plenty of charming photographs to look back on and help you remember what it was like when your big girls and boys were still small.

Even so, getting really terrific shots of a rambunctious toddler can be next to impossible. Let’s take a closer look at some ways you can create better, truer memories on film starring your precious little one. Here’s 3 tips for getting better photographs of toddlers.

Go for the Candid Shots

Some of the most memorable and endearing photos aren’t posed or staged in any way. They’re candid shots taken of the people we love most going about their daily business. Candids are an especially wonderful way to capture the spirit of your toddler on film.

Instead of sitting your little one down and making her say “cheese” for the camera, try breaking out the camera and sitting by patiently while she plays with her friends or the family pet. Wait patiently for spontaneous smiles and then start clicking away. You can also try engaging with your toddler from behind the lens to see if you can make her laugh or flash you a grin. You might be surprised at how easy and rewarding it is to capture simple, precious moments this way.

Embrace Close-Up Shots

Too many amateur photographers make the mistake of shooting their toddlers and babies from way too far away. While some distance or action shots are fine, don’t underestimate the value of a good close-up. They’re the very best way to capture the little details about their appearance that you love so much – tiny fingernails, long eyelashes, and the way their large eyes capture the light around them.

Close-ups are also the best way to capture the world from your child’s unique vantage point. Try getting down on the floor with your child and capturing him or her at their own eye level. You stand a better chance at capturing your child looking straight into the camera when you go this route, too.

Always Be Prepared

As a parent, you should always be prepared to capture life on its own terms. That means having your camera at the ready at all times. Young children have a way of creating their own photo ops and you don’t want to be one of those parents that is constantly saying: “Gosh, if only I’d thought to bring the camera.” Sure, there are cameras built into just about every mobile phone these days, but far too many aren’t able to generate photos that make good prints if desired.

Try buying a stylish, easy to carry bag for your camera equipment and get in the habit of grabbing it on your way out the door when you’re going about your daily business with your toddler. You never know when an unexpected opportunity to take your next “absolute favourite picture” might show up!

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