Photographing Animals and Children: Gorgeous Family Portraits

dog-boy-portraitW. C. Fields once said, “never work with animals or children.” Sometimes this phrase is true but most times, this is a fun experience for the family and the photographer. Animals and children are fun to work with and can create much laughter throughout the process. Pets are just like family and in many cases they are just like our children. Family portraits with your animals are great ways to remember them and have a wonderful time. I am going to talk about how photographing your animals and children will create wonderful images for you and your family to enjoy.

Myth: Photographing Animals and Children Is Difficult

They are not as difficult as many say and I have captured gorgeous gorgeous family portraits of children with their pets many times. The important thing to know is that different animals may require different locations to keep them safe and happy. For example, cats are easier to photograph when they are in their own homes so a family session in your home would be the best. This way your precious kitties feel safe and relaxed and this will keep them from running away from the camera.

Unsurprisingly, dogs are some of the easiest pets when it comes to family portraits. They are always ready to look adorable and are typically very well behaved. If you happen to have a dog that is quite energetic, you can always let them run around the park or the beach for awhile to tire them. This will help keep the dog more behaved and easier to snap wonderful shots.

Why Should You Include Your Pet In Your Session?Sept75

There are many reasons to include your adorable fluffy friend in sessions. There is the tragic reason that your precious pet will not live as long as a human. A client of mine had some adorable pet rats and they brought them along to their family’s session; a few months later one of the pet rats passed away, making the portraits even more special to them.

On a happier note, your pets are a major part of your family and you want all of your family members in your portraits. This will create gorgeous and adorable photographs that will last ages and will be a great way to have fun with your children. This is a memory your children will have forever.

You and Your Family Will Be Relaxed and Happy

The best thing about having your furry family members come along for your portraits is that you will all be incredibly relaxed and your smiles will be genuine. Photographing your animals with your children will create gorgeous and happy shots. This will also help with reluctant teenagers because they will be more willing to participate if their special pet is with them.

Pets of all kinds are welcome to any of the family sessions I do, whether it is a pet snake, a bird, a cat, a dog or a horse. We had a pet Doberman when our kids were younger and he was very much a part of our family so I understand the importance pets play in our lives. Bringing your pets along to your family session will create images that you will cherish forever! Contact me today and we will discuss setting up a session with you and your family – furry family members included.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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