Photographing Children with Autism

photographing childrenFamily photos are something we should all get at some point, but this can be difficult for families with autistic children. Many feel judged by others when their child acts out and are, therefore, afraid to go too many places with their child. They especially worry when it comes to finding a professional photographer, but I am here to talk to you about photographing children with autism and how it can work out beautifully in the end. 

Let Your Child Meet the Photographer

Many autistic children have a difficult time when it comes to meeting new people, which can be a major reason parents choose not to have professional photos done. One way to get great photos of your child is to have them meet the photographer before the photo session. This will give the child the ability to meet the new person on his or her own terms. You can even have photographers meet you at your own home, as many children will feel more comfortable in an area that feels safe to them. If your child seems wary of a photographer begin your search again until you find one your child feels comfortable with. 

Take Photographs in Safe Locations

You do not need to just meet in a safe place; you can actually stay in an area that is familiar to your child. This will help capture some stunning photographs because they will be calm and happy. Even if it is at your home, this will produce incredible photos that you will cherish forever. One autistic child I photographed had to have his photos taken at home because his attention span was very short. He would run constantly, so we decided to be safe and to take the photos in the family’s enclosed yard. I was able to take beautiful photos of him as he played with his favourite toys and I was able to capture some incredible moments with this child giving me the ability to give wonderful images to his family. 

Do Not Push for That Perfect Picture

There are countless photos across the Internet that showcase families in perfectly posed shots, but not every photograph has to be posed. In fact, many candid shots catch some of the best reactions and memories for families. Candid shots worked very well for me when I was doing a session for a family with an autistic child. We went to a safe park where we could let him run around. He would run from location to location and I would be able to capture those fleeting moments of absolute joy on the child’s face, creating some of the most precious photographs for his family.

The End Result Is Wonderful Photos

Do not hesitate to get professional photos of your child. Bring along that favourite toy and dress your child in comfortable clothes to help them feel more at ease with this experience. Once you have scheduled your session, do not fear! This will be a wonderful opportunity for you to create and capture some amazing memories of your precious one.

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