Photographing Children With Special Needs: Part One

Special-Needs-Child-1Many parents long to get portraits taken of their children, and many who have children with special needs find that this can be difficult. This can stop families from getting photographs taken of their children, which means that they will not have many memories in the future. Photographing children with special needs is possible (and an amazing experience) let me show you by sharing a few of my own stories with you. 

Photographing Children With Autism

Children with autism range in how they react to certain situations, making it quite interesting to learn new ways to photograph them. For example, I have photographed several children with autism, but for this blog will focus on two. These two are completely different, and I learned some new ways in which to photograph them, capturing wonderful images. One was a 14-year-old boy who had a very short attention span. He would run everywhere, which led his mum and I to do the session in their backyard. This proved to be spectacular for the family, and I got some incredible shots of him playing on his favourite play set and with his siblings. I even had them all jump on the trampoline because it was a great opportunity just to show them all having a wonderful time together, being completely relaxed. Such a great lifestyle shot, as well, for the family!

Another boy I photographed had a different attention span, and loved his picture being taken. We went to some gardens with his mum and sister, and I was able to capture some gorgeous shots. He would run to a spot he liked and turn around with a gorgeous smile. He gave me about 30 seconds to a minute to capture this before he ran to the next spot. It was quite a bit of fun for all involved! 

Photographing Children With Asperger’s

Another session I did was photographing a young boy with Asperger’s who did not give much eye contact and rarely showed emotions, even if he was incredibly happy. I went down to the beach with him and his family, and I encouraged them to bring along the family dog. This proved to be perfect for this child and helped me get some stunning photos of him playing and showing amazing joy. Making him comfortable and relaxed was the best thing to do in order to get these stunning shots. This is quite true of all children, especially those with special needs. 

Photographing Children With Special Needs Is Possible!

Do not worry if you have a child with special needs – photographing them is possible! It is very fun, and I always learn new, wonderful things. I have photographed children with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, blindness, and other special needs many times. It is always an incredible chance to meet lovely people and watch these incredible children just be themselves. Contact me today to learn more about photographing children with special needs! I will be more than willing to help you figure out the best setting for your child and will make the process fun and relaxing. This little cutie in the portrait is Jireh my nephew.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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