Creative family photography Brisbane

Creative family photography Brisbane

Getting portraits taken is a daunting idea for many families. Teenagers can be very reluctant to pose for snaps and not many men enjoy a long torture session of fake smiles so you are really need to think outside the square.

Being creative and original doesn’t have to mean

a 2 hour session at 5 different locations in 3 different outfits. No, that is too much for anyone. The best emotions are captured in the first few minutes. Afterthat everyone starts to get fatigued.

In just 20 minutes I can set up a family in a creative setting with relaxed faces just being themselves that will mean more to you than the over posed set ups.

Its about location, clothing, lighting, posing and feelings.

Just like a film director, I take care of all that.


Kids and their dog Newfarm

Jeans and slightly longer skirts makes it easier for those casual portraits.

Casual clothes make us feel more ourselves so with synchronised colours and tones, no-one will clash, and the clothing wont be the thing that forces you to take the portraits down and hide them in the garage in 20 years time. Remember the 70’s photo’s. Oh Dear! lets go for elegant simplicity, that way the clothes don’t define the time or people.

I suggest all in darker tones with jeans, or all in pale tones with jeans, either way. Just choose either the lighter side or the darker side of the colour wheel, not both.

It’s also best to avoid patterns or stripes, no florals or designs, no logo’s or motif, and no lace or loud jewellery.

For the young ladies I always suggest that they wear slightly longer skirts because it can get a bit ‘ungainly’ if I get you to sit on the butress of a tree or lean on each other.

Creative family photography Brisbane

happens effortlessly when you keep it simple, if you come with a sense of adventure without trying to manage how people “perform” then it always comes together nicely. I’m all about fun and together we’ll share some jokes and explore the surroundings and before you know it we’ve got the great shots – no stress I promise :)

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