David and Karla Camp Quality Volunteers

David and Karla Camp Quality VolunteersI recently had the pleasure of meeting David and Karla Camp Quality Volunteers. David, a manager and Karla, a Registered nurse from Bundaberg have been helping out for 10 years.

Being Camp Quality Volunteers

They participate in up to 4 camps a year in Central Queensland and Brisbane and they love the opportunity to make someone else’s life a little bit better. They work with different kids at the same camp and enjoy chatting about their differing experiences once they get home. They love sharing the feeling of giving and caring and meeting new kids and their families.

Helping Families from Remote Areas

Some of the families they have met over the years were living in remote areas when their child was diagnosed and its been a tough journey with 1000’s of km of travel, accommodation, treatments and loss of work. Being able to send their kids off to a camp gives the whole family a feeling of relief and support and happiness.

David and Karla Camp Quality VolunteersDavid and Karla love the feeling of giving and caring and want to continue helping out at camps into the future.  :-)

Thanks to people like them, sick kids get a chance to go on camps where they experience new things, make new friends and get to act like kids.

Personal Fulfillment

They encourage anyone who has ever thought that they might be interested in becoming Camp Quality volunteers to register and go along. You will make loads of new friends and experience a great sense of satisfaction and personal fulfillment as well as the joy of having helped those gorgeous kids.

It was really lovely meeting them and getting to hear their story.

Talk soon,

Margherita :)

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