Fact or Myth: Is Bright Sunlight the Best Lighting for Outdoor Family Photography?

photo-background-tipYou’ve booked your outdoor family photography session; it’s the day before, and you notice the weather says tomorrow will be cloudy – what do you do?

This is a dilemma many clients face, and often many think that they just need to cancel and re-book for another time when the sun is bright.

Do you really need to reschedule? Can the photo session be saved?

I am going to take a look into cloudy skies and whether or not they should dampen your spirits or if your photos will be just as magical.

It’s Dark and Cloudy – Should You Cancel?

It’s only natural to worry about your photography session and cloudy skies. It might seem like that is not the time to get portraits taken, but don’t worry.

In fact, cloudy, overcast skies can make for a stunning, beautiful portrait session helping you capture gorgeous memories. You will also find that overcast skies might just help cut some of that intense summer heat we will see soon.

I love taking outdoor family photography when it’s sunny and cloudy because both produce magical images all of my clients love. Yes, that’s right – your photos can be just as magical if it is overcast.

Even if it is drizzling outside, that can still work, and I’ve had many clients who stick with it and end up absolutely loving their photos.

Naturally, if it starts to rain buckets, we can always reschedule, but you don’t need to worry when you see grey skies on the day of your session. 

Bright Sunlight Still Works Just as Well

Don’t worry though, while overcast skies can add a beautiful touch and help make the light less harsh, bright sunlight still works fine.

Shade is always your friend on sun-filled days, no matter what, and it is just as much of a friend when it comes to outdoor photography. This is why I adore going to places such as parks where we can have access to beautiful, naturally shaded areas.

It doesn’t matter where you want to get your family portraits taken or what the weather is like – you can still have amazing images and create beautiful memories. 

Get Outdoor Family Photography and Capture Your Memories

Are you ready to embark on an outdoor family photography journey? Then simply contact me and we can chat about your session!

I can give you excellent tips for the weather, and if the day happens to be cloudy or have a forecast of rain, I will gladly talk about all of your options.

Call today, and set up a session to capture your beautiful memories all while enjoying the great outdoors.

Talk soon,
Margherita :)

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