Family Photographers Gold Coast – my favourite locations

Family photographers Gold Coast

It’s not surprising the Gold Coast Skyline is world famous.

I head down the Gold Coast a lot and have lots of little places I take portraits that work brilliantly.

I LOVE the beach.

It’s alive, free and relaxed.

One of my favourite spots is at The Spit. I’ve been taking family photos there for the last 10 years and never tire of its beauty. Its magic!

One of the reasons the beach is so fun is because it’s outdside and I find it easier to get the best out of people when they are on the shores of a gorgeous ocean. Life is so busy that the idea of forcing kids in set up poses in a studio makes most Mums run for the hills so getting your family to run down a beach is so much easier. Everyone is relaxed and having fun with the wind whipping their hair and the waves splashing their jeans.. You don’t have to pretend to be happy because it comes naturally.

This makes my job easy :)

Southport has the fantastic

Sand pumping station with the Wooden Pier which acts as a spectacular backdrop for the dramatic look whilst having great excellent views of the skyline of Surfers Paradise.

For quite a different look we have the rocky groin and the little light house on the other side; this spot is also very popular with Gold Coast family photographers.

On really windy days, I head over to the calm leeward side of the Spit where the wind is quiet, it just has to be on sunset or really overcast so there is no glare.

family photographers Gold Coast

The grassy dunes on the Gold Coast are perfect for fun photo times.

The grassy headlands

are one of my favourite looks for family portraits and are very popular with families looking for some variety.

One word of caution, apparently we share the dune woodlands there with Brown snakes. Luckily I haven’t had the fun of seeing any there before, I’m told that they are there hiding from beach goers so we make lots of stomping sounds in Summer hoping to scare them away :)

Sunset is the best time to catch amazing gentle light on the beach so that no-one is squinting and there are no harsh shadows.

Many families drive from all over QLD and even the world wanting to be captured at a Southport or Surfers Paradise beach – that Skyline is world famous.

The tall Surfers Paradise buildings offer some shade on an earlier afternoon.

Family Photographers Gold Coast

Another favourite spot I love is Currumbin, around Elephant Rock. I’ve got some stunning images from all around that area.

A different look for the Gold Coast is heading up Mt Tamborine into the rain forests or even at the lookout.

I had fun at one sitting with a big red couch.

Wow, I love that vista!!

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