Are Your Family Photographs at Risk to Disappear?

kiss photograpyiPhones are great, aren’t they? They’re easy to carry around and you can simply take it out of your pocket or bag, snap a cute shot of your children or pets, and you’re done. But, many people don’t realize that this good thing can bring about what many are calling a Digital Dark Age.

What is a Digital Dark Age and how can you keep your family photographs safe from this? I am going to take a look and help you keep your memories alive for decades to come.

Just What is a Digital Dark Age?

At a conference in San Jose, California, one of the “fathers of the Internet” Vint Cerf warned people about a Digital Dark Age. What is the Digital Dark Age? It is a time where we could lose quite a bit, if not all, of our digital documentation.

We all love technology and feel that it will help us preserve our memories for generations. However, Cerf warned people that relying so heavily on technology will most likely create an information black hole.

We could lose information about what is going on in our world, and, much to my horror, we could lose images and family photographs. There could be whole generations who might not know what their great-great grandparents looked like simply because those photos were lost in the Digital Dark Age. 

Does This Only Apply to Smartphone Images?

Several people only think of smartphone photos as possibly being lost, but there are so many people who also want their professional family photographs in digital format. In fact, so many people want them in just digital format – nothing physical.

This is terrifying to think about, and as a photographer with an immense passion to help capture memories that can last lifetimes, it is something I worry about. I always strongly encourage clients to get printed photographs, and provide printed photos with my services. 

How Can You Keep Your Family Photographs Safe from This?

The solution is actually quite easy and is one that has been done for decades, long before digital was even an idea. Physical printed photographs! Not only will printing your photographs keep them safe, but it also provides gorgeous wall decoration and fills up photo books.

When you print off your photographs, whether smartphone or professional, you will give future generations the chance to see what you looked like and how you lived life. Don’t worry, protecting your printed photographs is easy – frame them or put them in a photo book and you’re done. 

Get Professional, Printed Photographs Today

Getting excellent, professional family photographs is a great way to ensure that you not only have great photos but that they will last for ages. Call me today and we can chat about a great session, and you can get gorgeous printed photographs to keep and save.

Don’t fall victim to the Digital Dark Age – get your photos printed and keep them around for your family to enjoy.

Talk later,
Margherita :)

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